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    Looking For Work Cover Crop Establishment Shropshire

    With harvest soon approaching, do you want a cover crop growing to mop up an residual N, supress weeds, improve soil health and drainage. With establishment as little of £15/ ac, MJC Agri Services has a wide range of seed mixes which also complies with the new environmental agreements. MJC Agri...
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    Cover Crop

    I have a range of seed mixes available which I broadcast on with a spinner for £15/ ac. I can spread up to 24 meters. I am based in Shropshire but travel down to Essex a lot. Is there anyone interested in this cheap cover crop establishment? I have a range of mixes that qualifies for the new...
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    Looking For Work Looking for work Shropshire

    I am self employed farm worker who is looking for a harvest position or other similar farm rolls. I have experience on working on farms from 600ac-6,000 acre on arable & livestock. I have PA1&2, B+E & forklift tickets. I have experience in cultivations, harvest operations, silage & hay...
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    Looking For Work Self employed Wem, Shropshire

    I am moving to Wem soon and am looking for work as a self employed worker. I have experience of working on large arable farms carrying out a variety of tasks, lamb for the Royal Veterinary College 2 years in a row and have general livestock work with sheep and cattle. I have forklift tickets...
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    Looking For Work Hertfordshire

    Is anyone looking for some extra help either tractor driving or livestock work in and around Hertfordshire? I have my forklift ticket, PA1&2, trailer licence. I have experience with most farm work & cultivations ( ploughing, pressing, rolling etc), general livestock and farm work.
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    Looking For Work Self employed Hertfordshire

    I am a 22 year old self employed and just looking for any extra work in Hertfordshire and surrounding area's. I am happy to work on livestock and arable enterprises. I have experience with cultivations, hay/ silage operations, fertiliser applications and general farm work. I have my PA1&2...
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    Drain Jetter

    I am just wanting to test the water and see if anyone in the Herts/ Essex/ Beds & Cambridge area would be interested in hiring a field drain jetter?
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    Looking For Work Arable or livestock

    University graduate looking for arable or livestock work either temporary or full time. Have experience of large arable farms but want to increase experience and knowledge. Have experience with cultivation's, general farm work, hay operations, fert spreading, harvest work, lambing and general...