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  1. Banana Bar

    how much are you REDUCING N rates????

    I’m pleased I have very little milling wheat this year. I’m also pleased I have all of my Extran in the shed at £272/t, all liquid was bought at the same time but I cannot remember the price. Perhaps cutting back this year and saving some for next would be sensible. Sell the lot would probably...
  2. Banana Bar

    Looks like I’ve got no black grass this year.

    My cereal crops will be so good they will out compete any blackgrass.
  3. Banana Bar

    Looks like I’ve got no black grass this year.

    I spotted this in a stubble field last Sunday, believe me it adapts very easily!
  4. Banana Bar

    Vibrating screed tips

    Yes, it will sink immediately. You could use K-forms 1m in from the wall and run the screed on top of them. K-Forms are superb.
  5. Banana Bar

    Red Tractor - Mass Balance

    Everyone should tell them that they have 500,000t in stock. Then hold until June. I hold RT in the same regard as hare coursers.
  6. Banana Bar

    Buy a big pig.

    Fine unless you tell someone! Like most things actually!
  7. Banana Bar

    YAGRO sell out to Frontier.

    I received the same email and immediately thought the same. Dropped Anglia Grain a few years ago due to Frontier ownership. I’m committed to them via Camgrain and SOYL although SOYL is being dropped and looking at an interesting alternative to Camgrain.
  8. Banana Bar

    Can No-till /Regen Agric survive without glyphosate? if not we are DOOMED!! I think it can..

    When using electricity does the charge only travel through the plants and roots? Otherwise I wouldn’t want to be a worm! BB
  9. Banana Bar

    Whats the going rate for a self employed tractor driver?

    Self employed at £11/hr, if he’s any good he is seriously undervaluing himself.
  10. Banana Bar

    Graham seed

    I am looking for 13t of Graham seed, does anyone know of any? BB
  11. Banana Bar

    100,000 pigs to be destroyed

    Rather than cull them on farm why not hire a truck and unload live pigs on the M25! It will very quickly become someone else’s problem.
  12. Banana Bar

    Fert prices vs fallow ?

    This is actually a very good point. I reckon I could sell my fert at today’s prices and sit very pretty. I could even drive a truck for £50k for the next year and sort business plans / budgets while on my breaks!
  13. Banana Bar

    New drying shed/grain store design

    Still a plan! I do think that I would go for a drying floor though. I honestly can’t see when I would have the time to run a batch drier.
  14. Banana Bar

    Tractor and driver for hire

    Matt, where are you based?
  15. Banana Bar

    Winter linseed drilling

    Through my observations I would suggest the earliest drilling date would be when the next generation wants to mess about with the hateful stuff.
  16. Banana Bar

    Ergot in Spring wheat

    You can get ergot in barley.
  17. Banana Bar

    Fair play to FW for tackling AIC issue head on.

    Well done Farmers Weekly. There are so few ways to make a stand against this protection racket. There can be no way other than cancelling NFU subs, I’ve threatened this numerous times but find zero reason not to cancel at this time. Its a great pity that the people who should be running the...
  18. Banana Bar

    Harvest Traffic Report

    It interests me more that as soon as he got behind the tractor he felt the need to reset his trip.
  19. Banana Bar

    Extase potential problems

    I have today scrubbed plans for 380 ha of Extase, it’s actually performed fairly well here but there is no way I’m prepared to take that risk