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  1. Will 1594

    1490 bruuuuwn

    lives on wood proccesor , it died at weekend dropped a valve scored bore , any one got an engine , or want it for pSrts or rebuild , needs a clutch , average condition what’s it worth
  2. Will 1594

    tungsten plough point mod

    small experiment a box full of these to weld on kv points 😳😳done 4 see how they go hope they work
  3. Will 1594

    Fendt 309. Turbomatic

    Are these little tractors any good One coming up for sale . would it be handy loader tractor What’s craic with turbo matic clutch
  4. Will 1594

    Fraser buggy value

    What is it worth Not heard it going supposed to have head gasket done Fuel tank full of crap has 5 gallon drum for a tank so needs taking off and cleaning and a good service up Sprayer is 🤦‍♂️ pipes need sorting etc , not fussed about sprayer WZnt it to put averdex spreader on is it worth 2000
  5. Will 1594


    Any one near , would it be possible to look at a machine please
  6. Will 1594

    The fens

    Any one watching it bbc 2 on now bit of good farming 😉 and welney washes
  7. Will 1594

    Feeding staff

    Who still feeds staff And more so if working late in harvest , and not stodgy old fish chips or take away , shite I mean fed proper cooked food like meat and veg or home made pie mash veg etc , and some pudding, If after 7 pm get supper brought ,
  8. Will 1594

    Cab up Saturday

    Oil leak cannot get to it so cab up
  9. Will 1594

    285/70/19.5 wheels tyres

    X4 to replace some 12.5/15.3 6 stud , centre knave or 50 mill offset
  10. Will 1594

    Wheat variety for fertile silts and black

    ,been on monterey which has done well , firefly this time as no more monterey , what is out there what will perform on fit land , and suit late drilling after beet ,
  11. Will 1594

    355/60/18 wheels tyres x4

    Any one got any on 6 stud or wheel tyre to match , mainly road ,than field work ,for old big k trailer
  12. Will 1594

    Dummy’s guide to using old Moore’s drill

    Got an old Moore’s Box drill Any advice on settings etc no book or owt So help on calibration Is it better on a drawbar on arms so can tweak depth better.
  13. Will 1594

    Quickie loader brackets and valve and cables to fit ih 674/784

    To fit as title , thanks
  14. Will 1594

    22 ft bale trailer

    York to kings lynn
  15. Will 1594

    Jcb forward reverse lever

    One of these please local Jcb are rip off
  16. Will 1594

    Situation Vacant Tractor person required

    From September onwards as the boy will be going back to ( play school ) I mean at college Must be competent at ploughing . Cultivation , Quite a bit of lime , Fert and phibrophos products to spread Bari rate with trailed Bredal Tidy cottage on farm for the duration West Norfolk .
  17. Will 1594

    Quickie no3

    Any one a muck fork on no 3 Preferably not requiring a dentist Or any other attachments
  18. Will 1594

    Industrial loader tyres

    Set of 4 For old Mitsubishi ws500 small loading shovel Size. 42x17-20
  19. Will 1594

    16.9/34 rims tyres to fit oh 674

    Or 13.6/38
  20. Will 1594

    Heading north to speedys on sunday maybe / monday

    Will be empty with pick up 16 ft trailer ,headingbto borders , if any one wants owt up that way on