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    14’ Ifor- tri or tandem?

    Looking at a new 14’ Ifor Williams stock trailer. Is the tri axle worth having? Legally speaking it just eats into the load capacity of the trailer, but just wondering how stable a 14’ tandem would be? Any experiences of either?
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    Finning CAT

    I hear a lot of bad press about Cat parts and how unhelpful they are but I needed parts 4.30 yesterday afternoon. Called our local branch, they emailed me a parts list straight over whilst I was on the phone. Gave him the numbers, all in stock at their UK distribution centre at Cannock. Took a...
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    New Defender Commercial

    Am I missing something? I’ve specced a Defender commercial S with the stuff you really want in a car, and to match the spec of a Wildtrack Ranger. Tow bar, metallic paint, mudflaps, 3 seats in the front, alloy wheels. And that’s about it, not gone too mad with it. It’s come out at £62,000+VAT...
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    Messenger function

    I think the PM’s could be improved, with messenger like functionality.
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    Dating a Dutch barn

    We have a Dutch barn we are potentially looking to convert. The difficulty is, it’s in the curtilage of a listed building, so unless the barn is post 1948 it is not possible to convert it. Dad’s best guess is it would be a mid 40’s building, but how do you go about dating it for certain? What...
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    Is there any possibility the PM’s could be improved to be a bit more like messenger/ WhatsApp? Like having the little ticks to see when a message has been sent, received their end, and read? It would make chat much easier and quicker. Also make notifications more obvious to show you have a message
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    Buckrake or fork?

    What’s best for clamping with a TM320S? 9ft KV tine buckrake or 9ft Hardox fork? Running dual wheels on the front.
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    John Deere LED lights

    Is the John Deere LED light package worth the £600 extra over the halogens? 18 Lights in total, all go LED with the package.
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    John Deere forager additive pump electric feed

    Where is the electric feed for an additive pump on a John Deere 7050 series forager? I want to use it with the automatic switch in the cab so it switches off when the header is up or the forager is stopped but just can’t find anything in the book about where the electric feed for the pump...
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    Part set of knives in a forager

    I’ve been looking for a used self propelled, a John Deere 7450 has come up that is just about perfect, right price, immaculate, low hours. Only trouble is it’s got a 56 blade cylinder instead of the conventional 40 blade. I wouldn’t want the short chop length the AD men require, but am told...
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    Modern scraper tractor DPF problems? And views on JD 5E

    Is anyone using a newer model tractor for scraping duties? (Of any brand) How are you finding it? We're looking at replacing our 30 year old very worn out scraper tractor with a new one. I just wonder if the DPF which they all have fitted now is going to be a pain with the tractor never doing...
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    John Deere 6M

    What are people's experience of the 6M series, and specifically the 6155M? We have had one on demo and was quite impressed. It's not quite as refined as our 6155R but when specced the as closely as possible to an R there's a £12k difference in price. There are differences of course, the cab...
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    Drills: KRM - R600

    Drills: KRM - R600 Category: Drills Manufacturer: KRM Price: £1400 Condition: Used Description: KRM R600 6m hydraulic folding Suffolk coulter drill. Good working order, photos to follow 07876674085 [SIZE=2]This post was automatically created via
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    Mower disks worn out

    The disks on our Kuhn 303 mower have worn wafer thin and now they have all cracked from behind the blade holder towards the middle. Are these a wearing part? Those who are re building mower beds etc, are you still on the original set of disks? I don't know whether to spend the £600+ on the...
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    Scharmuller k80 insert

    Had a new PUH insert delivered today. New to these ball hitches so didn't know what to expect, but I'm disappointed with how far back the ball is compared to a standard hook. It seems like it will make the weight distribution all wrong. Is it an issue or nothing to worry about? It will be...
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    John Deere 6155R boost

    Have any users of the latest Adblue Deere's found they are not boosting for PTO work? The light comes on the dashboard but the power bar won't go right up into the dark green like it will on the road. And fuel use stays down at 32l/hr. Boosted it will go up to 38.5l/hr. The only time it will...
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    Case axial flow 1680

    We are looking into getting a combine for the first time. One of these has come up- what's to know about them? I've always understood the axial flows are a mechanically simple machine. What is there to look for? How are they reliability wise? It wont be doing many acres at all, so massive...
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    Ploughs: Kuhn - Multi Master 123

    Ploughs: Kuhn - Multi Master 123 Category: Ploughs Manufacturer: Kuhn Price: £10000 Condition: Used Description: Kuhn Multimaster 123 5f plough, LP66D boards- for wide tyres, Heavy duty headstock- straight 5f, not 4+1 so same turnover shaft as 6f plough. Extra wide land wheel with damper...
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    The guardian video doing the rounds on facebook Just had this through my newsfeed. It's had 2.3 MILLION views. Why are the guardian publishing rubbish like this? A little video with that much coverage could do much more harm than the even the best agri...
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    Help identifying flatlift point

    could somebody identify what point this is? Trying to order some but my flat lift isn't fitted with its original legs! Many thanks