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  1. manfromhill

    Pin and cone loader

    Toying with the idea of fitting a loader to an 6320 and all my attachments are pin and cone So do any loaders come with the option of it direct from factory or do you have to get an adapter plate
  2. manfromhill

    Old 526 vs new 532

    Has anybody had a demo or bought the new jcb532-60 as a replacement for a 526-56 Have looked at the brochure and looks to be up a weight class and I presume in price
  3. manfromhill

    New defender 10/9/19

    You boys with deposits down starting to feel like Christmas Eve
  4. manfromhill

    Yamaha 450 Kodiak

    Had a good look round one at the highland show anyone got good bad experiences was originally looking at a Honda 420 but unsure any thoughts tia
  5. manfromhill

    Honda 420

    Was wondering if anyone could help currently have a250 that I move about on an Ifor p6e if I go up to a 420 would it still fit
  6. manfromhill

    Quad front linkage

    Has anybody any experience of these for mounting snow ploughs brushes or scrapers ect and any idea of cost
  7. manfromhill

    JCB 526

    What would be the comparable merlo and manitou to this can't quite work out from the websites
  8. manfromhill

    Small SUV

    Needing to change our faithful verso soon and looking at 4wd versions of vauxhall mokka Mini Countryman and Kia Sportage Anybody got any of them or any opinions
  9. manfromhill

    Sweeney Kincaid auction

    Wed 26th plenty of bargains left for anybody with ability to pick up stirling or Perth
  10. manfromhill

    Mf 30e

    Hi pal going to look a mf30e what's the lift weight and height would it lift a silage bale in spike or single fert bag think he wants it as a back up
  11. manfromhill

    Mini super singles

    Looking to replace super singles on an axle for a new project so questions Roughly how much lower are they Do they travel in the fields ok even if they are a road type pattern Roughly how much for part worn on rims
  12. manfromhill

    Livestock trailer

    I hoped to purchase a new trailer with hope to cart bales in summer and have a livestock box on it at other times when larger amounts of cattle need moved however I don't have the money Which is why I was wondering I have a 16 ft trailer I use for bales just now and if I found a box to go on it...
  13. manfromhill

    Fw latest tractor test

    Ok had a look at the latest test in this weeks paper and thought the latest 90 hp test probably quite relevant to me being dairying and run one of same size on my 14 cu wagon but would it not have been better a loader test
  14. manfromhill

    Jd / jcb oil

    The mechanic that serviced the 526 has left about 15 litres of jcb gear oil hp plus and the jd 6220 se has an axle to service I have looked the jcb website and it's a higher spec than jdm j 20c so should be fine just need a second opinion
  15. manfromhill

    Archers new tractor

    Ed Grundy buys a fancy second hand green tractor do we have to wait till it breaks down till we work out which brand
  16. manfromhill

    Age of battery

    After 11 years and 5000 hrs the battery in the 6320 eventually gave up at -5 this morn can't complain lucky normally to get a couple of years out them do you think the next one will last as long doubt it
  17. manfromhill

    Where's the fergie

    Reading the weekly on 100 hp loaders where's the fergie ? Was it too dear