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    Your 7-day Free Farmers Forecast: Dry start turning unsettled later 20th-26th Sept

    Monday Cloudy, with patchy rain in the southeast clearing a bright start for most other areas, although cloud will gradually thicken from the west later - patchy rain is expected to move in across Northern Ireland as well as northern and western regions of Scotland. Becoming breezy here too...

    Farmers Free 7 Day Forecast 8-14th of August : Unsettled & breezy turning warmer and drier

    Hello, everyone, I'm back after a short illness. Sunday 8-8-21. Low pressure centers itself over Scotland on Sunday. Most places will see slow-moving and heavy showers High of 21C/70F For the full 7-day, Free Farmers forecast goto}...

    Your Free 7-Day Weather Forecast: Dry and Hot then Thunderstorms

    Monday A dry day with good sunshine about, but the remnants of a front will pass south down the country on Monday bringing cloudier skies for a time, particularly closer to North Sea coasts where it will feel cooler. WE see a few showers which could develop across parts of south/southeast...

    Your Free UK 7-day forecast Wet weekend dryer next week 24-30th June

    Thursday Mostly dry but more cloud in northern and western parts of England and Wales with a risk of some showery rain which could be heavy and thundery in the south. Further cloud in the north and west of Scotland as well as Northern Ireland, High of 22C/72F FOR YOUR FARMERS & GROWERS FREE 7...

    7 day -free Farmers forecast from week starting 7th June

    Monday Rain or showers at times for many. some of the showers heavy with hail and thunder High 21C/70F Your FREE 7 day farmers forecast for the UK and Northern Ireland go to Whatever the weather enjoy it!

    Farmers Free 7 day Forecast: Headline Drier and Warmer 24- to 29th May

    Monday Rain or showers at times for many. some of the showers heavy with hail and thunder High 12C/54F Turning drier and warmer by the end of the week with High pressure becoming established Full 7 day Free Farmers Forecast at...

    7 day free famers forecast: Rain on the way! forecast from 27-4 to 5- 5-21

    After the coldest April in 35 years and the most frosty for 60 years( Cold April correctly forecast by Metjeffuk ) what's instore for the rest of the Spring and Summer? Check out the FREE Spring and Summer 2021 Long Range forecast}...

    Your FREE 7 day Farmers Forecast for the UK and Northern Ireland Mostly dry with night frosts returning later. Issued 19-4-21

    Monday With an area of low pressure moving up the west coast, going to turn cloudier with some outbreaks of light rain in to Northern Ireland, and northwest Scotland. and possible light drizzle for western parts of Wales and western regions of England too, but further east you will keep the...

    Your free 7-day farmers forecast: Gardeners and Farmers alert! Severe frosts and wintry showers-Snow over the high ground

    Gardeners and Farmers on alert! Some of us may see some April #UKSnow but most will see severe #frosts overnight damaging the spring growth. Over the next 5-7 nights we will be seeing unusually cold air especially in the north but not exclusively. Sunday's Forecast Most of central and southern...

    Your free 7-Day forecast from is active now. Headline Hill snow returning.

    Monday A mostly dry day in eastern areas in particular, however, cloud looks to thicken across west of Scotland, northern England, north Wales and Northern Ireland with some rain, mostly patchy will move in later. The rest of the UK and Ireland should stay largely dry although cloud could build...

    Your Free 7 day Farmers Forecast 1-3-21 to the 7-3-21

    Monday High pressure is centred to the east of the UK on Monday. light and patchy frost is possible in east. It's then looking dry and fine day for most with plenty of sunshine feeling a bit like spring, although the far north of Scotland could see more cloud cover. Highs of 12C/54F Turning...

    Your Free 7-Day Farmers weather Forecast UK : Turning very cold and wintry heavy snow bitterly cold east winds (7-14 Feb 21)

    Sunday Becoming very cold across the country through Sunday in the east to northeast wind. Further snow flurries affecting eastern coasts with more persistent snow continues across East Anglia and parts of southeast England. While much drier and brighter in the west which is where the best of...

    Snow -Blizzard Alert-Flooding latest.

    !Snow Alert for the North of England - Scotland - Blizzard conditions likely! Also heavy rain and flooding in the North and South more at UK weather Warnings -

    Your free 7 day farmers forecast : turning wet windy and milder for a time. 16th- 23rd of January

    Saturday 16TH OF January 2021 Band of rain, heavy in places, will spread eastwards falling as sleet and snow in eastern England and across much of Scotland for a time, covering of snow at low levels too before turning to sleet and rain. becoming brighter and drier weather from the west, blustery...

    Your Free Farmers Forecast for the next 6 days: wintry outlook east winds bring snow. would like wish everyone on the Farmers Forum a Happy New Year. Sunday With an easterly wind starting to Push in from the Scandinavia Wintry showers to eastern areas of the British Isles. These may merge at times to give longer spells of rain or sleet near the coast falling as...

    5 day free Farmers weather 26th- 30th Dec : Severe Winter Storms - Hill farmers take note.

    Severe winters storms - Hill farmers take note if you have stock on high ground above 600Ft. heavy snow likely to high ground with drifting over the weekend and all of next week. Boxing Day Rain and wind, Wet in western Scotland through the day - snow over the Highlands and Grampians. Heavier...

    Free Farmers 7-day forecast: Unsettled and mild but turning much colder later. 16th - 23rd DEC.

    Wednesday Deep Low pressure brings wind and rain to N. Ireland, western England, western Scotland and Wales in the morning turning drier in the afternoon the east of England winds will be increasing. As the area of rain slips eastwards through the afternoon, Highs up to 10C/50F Get the Free...

    The Farmers Free 7 day forecast is online now: Headline mild start snow later. 30th Nov-6th December

    Monday Mist and fog will be slow to clear and may linger across England and Wales in the morning While rain moves south and increasing winds will clear the fog later. Scotland and Northern Ireland will have rain heavy at times in the west, this move across Wales and central parts of England...

    Your Free 8 day forecast from metjeffuk : Staying unsettled but drier in the south later. 13th to 20th November.

    Friday After a band of rain and gusty winds moves east during the day it should then be mostly dry in the south While showers will be affecting the western coast and hills Western Scotland will further periods of rain and stronger winds with some showers in western parts of Northern Ireland...

    Free farmers 8 day forecast from ; Unsettled !

    Tuesday A dry start to the day in Scotland as well as eastern England. Cloud and rain spreading into western Scotland, western England, the Midlands and Wales, Drier and brighter weather will be following later from the west. But showers will spread from the west later some heavy at times...