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  1. Woolless

    Loader headstock ID

    Hello all, can anyone tell me what loader headstock this is? Was sold to me as Euro quick release or similar. Been trying to order pallet forks with little success. Pic of brackets on the bale spike which do fit also below. TIA.
  2. Woolless

    Brussel Sprout Aftermath

    Just heard that there are likely to be brussel sprouts grown right next door to me next year. Anyone on here had experience of grazing the aftermath with lambs? Rough ideas of how lamb days/acre? Just thought it might be a good opportunity.
  3. Woolless

    Sugar beet pulp pellets for ewes

    I have some red clover silage bales which have analysed at 9MJ and 14% CP (slightly worse than that on report but they'll discard some of the stalks so it should feed better). Thinking of feeding in-lamb ewes the silage plus molassed SBP pellets to boost the energy. On paper, they should have...
  4. Woolless

    Calving beef heifers

    Exciting times here, as this is the first time that we've had any calves born on the place! So far our three bucket reared AA/Her x heifers have calved unassisted and all three are very keen on their calves. However, all of them have been fidgety/twitchy about letting the calves suckle and I've...
  5. Woolless

    Wi-Fi booster/extender

    Hello all, Looking for some advic/recommendationse. I need a wi-fi extender which would throw signal from the kitchen window ledge out to the shed 20m away. Getting a calving/cctv camera installed on the grant scheme! Thanks, Woolless.
  6. Woolless

    IAE Crusader Plus crush

    Anyone got or had one? Been knocked back on the grant scheme for a squeeze crush but looking about for an alternative now. Will be used for about 20 moderately sized, fairly quiet sucklers and their offspring at the moment.
  7. Woolless

    ScotGov sustainable agriculture capital grant

    Anyone had word back about their grant application yet? Seven weeks today since the application window closed.
  8. Woolless

    Highland cattle

    Looking to expand our embryo suckler herd in the next few months. My son is very keen on Highlanders, which weren't part of my plan. While we are hardly the land of milk and honey (700ft, exposed coastal, thin soils), I think they might get too fat and have issues even though they would be...
  9. Woolless

    Native x Kiwi suckler cows

    Anyone on here running them? Her/AA x sucklers from spring block-calving type herds? Thinking about putting a few sucklers on, thought this cross might be a good bet for the type of system I would have in place. Probably calve May, winter cows outside with calf at foot, bales and some deferred...
  10. Woolless

    Broadband advice please

    Hello all, I have standard broadband with BT. We used to get 7mb, now getting about 3. Presumably this combined with increased demand from the kids means that our connection can be irritatingly slow and I often get kicked off the network when using my tablet to surf on here or play tunes on...
  11. Woolless

    Shedding lambs, or not?

    Morning all, I'm planning to give the lambs their first vaccination over the weekend. I usually shed them off from their mothers first but I'm just wondering whether to bother doing that and save a job. Either way, they'll be done in a 3ft x 16ft dosing race. What are folks' thoughts? Youngest...
  12. Woolless

    Ford 6610 with low ground pressure wheels/tyres

    Hello all, I have a Ford 6610 4WD as per thread title. The idea of having those wheels on was to reduce ground compaction and ruts during the winter, which it has done. The down side is that it doesn't grip well enough for putting out bales in the winter mud, which is its primary function...
  13. Woolless

    Bluetooth speaker recommendation

    Hello all, Hope this is in the right place. We are in the process of kitting out our small holiday let. The agency think it's a good idea to have a bluetooth speaker. So, I need a recommendation for one that is very easy to connect to and operate, with decent sound quality and which won't...
  14. Woolless

    Calving now? Advice please.

    Hello all, I have three heifers (AA and Her x) we reared on the bucket last winter. Was hoping to add more breeding stock but the spare cash got swallowed up by another project. Had them in today for their booster vaccination and weighed them with the 'animeter' tape measure and they range from...
  15. Woolless

    Farm Road Repairs

    Our farm road is in need of some TLC, it's gone downhill quick with potholes in the last couple of months and I'm getting it in the neck from my other half! I would love to get it tarmacked (it is only about 250 yards) but at the moment some running repairs are the order of the day. Previously...
  16. Woolless

    Concrete/floor sealant

    Looking for some advice. We have a stable block on the farm the basic construction of which is concrete panels sitting on a concrete base. In wet weather, which we've had a lot of lately, water seeps in presumably through the join between panel and base. It's quite bad in places. What is the...
  17. Woolless

    VAT on holiday let income

    Hello all, We have a former bothy attached to the end of our farmhouse. The previous owner converted it to accommodation for a live-in groom for her horses. The addition of a door and a small kitchen will give us the option of renting it out as a self-contained holiday let, through Air bnb...
  18. Woolless

    Maternal Sheep Group: New website

    Evening all! Some of you may be interested in the new, improved website for the Maternal Sheep Group, a collective of performance-recording breeders of Easycares, Blackfaces and Lleyns. Profiles of the various flocks and sale stock now online: @Tim W @CopperBeech...
  19. Woolless

    High Index Easycare/Woolshedding Tups for sale

    Smart selection of seven tups for sale, commercially run on an exposed coastal farm in South East Scotland: Grass fed Performance recorded by Signet, high EBVs Some myomax carriers All enquiries welcome Barry Sangster 07794 276 724 (Easy Access from A1)
  20. Woolless

    Digital weigh-head cable problem

    My dog has chewed the end off the cable that connects the weigh-head to the load bar on my Rancher Gripper :mad:. Had a proper look at it tonight. I was hoping that the load bar end would be similar to the other end and would simply need disconnected and replaced. But it goes in to a housing...