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    Sourcing Cat C9 injectors

    Hi folks. Could anyone tell me where to source Cat C9 engine injectors? My challenger is currently down in the middle of osr drilling after a year of headache with intermittent faults. I think I’ll be replacing all 6 injectors asap. I have priced genuine injectors from a main dealer but...
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    Situation Vacant Harvest position with the chance to stay on

    I’m looking for a hard working and motivated individual to join me for harvest on our family farm near Retford, with the potential for the right candidate to stay on longer term. This role will include: - grain carting - grain store tasks - record keeping - general arable farm work - general...
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    Did anyone drill skyscraper in feb last year?

    I have a couple of bags of skyscraper dressed with latitude left over from last year due to a cropping change. Tempted to drill it this week to avoid germ damage and reduce spring cropping. Did anyone get away with it this late last year? (Notts). It’s not a big area, and is my lightest land...
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    Twin leg mole plough - minimal heave

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to which make of twin leg mole plough produces the least heave? I currently have a moore’s mole’s machine. It produces too much heave for a direct drilling scenario. Even after cultivation’s you can feel where it has been. Therefore I’m looking for something...
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    Direct Drilling on Tracks

    Is there anyone out there direct drilling with a challenger? I have my first zero till crop established after peas this year with a budget CO on dutch, and got away without damaging headlands at the time I drilled with conditions being reasonable. As I phase more land in I’m getting concerned...
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    Creature ID

    Could anyone help me identify the life in this photo? DD wheat with 1 inch Dutch into pea stubble. First year true DD however last year only had the top inch scratched.
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    First cover crop management

    Hi everyone. I’m curious to know opinions on how you’d manage this cover crop for entry into wheat this autumn. This is 3.5 ha of failed osr in a 16ha field. The mix was a home brew of spring barley/peas/linseed/millet/phacelia/sprinkle of mustard. Barley and peas through fert spinner and the...
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    Wheat seed down one inch Dutch Opener

    Hi, Has anyone successfully put high seed rates of wheat down one inch openers without blocking up? I have a CO6 with 3inch openers on which I’ll use for my current min till system but have planned an acreage to experiment on with cover crops and dd with the narrow point. Slightly apprehensive...
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    Deutz Agriprima 6.06 parts?

    Wondering if I can pick some brains to find out where is the best place to go for old parts for my Deutz Agriprima 6.06? I’m needing axle seals but seem to be struggling to find anything. TIA
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    Horsch CO6 or CO8

    Hi all, Looking for a CO6 or CO8 in working order. Thank you
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    Simba Freeflow on Dutch Openers

    Hi folks, I’ve posted in the past about converting a freeflow onto Metcalfe points. I’m looking to change drilling system and currently unsure whether to have a transition phase trialing strip till and cover crops before moving to DD. However, I don’t want to buy a new drill! I have my trusty...
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    MOP Settings for Kuhn 40.1

    Could anyone help me with settings for MOP on a Kuhn Axis 40.1; are the settings on the app accurate? I only have 20 tons to spread and trying to avoid tray testing for it as have already done all the other products I'm using... lazy I know thanks
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    House Build - windows recessed or flush

    Hi folks. Getting geared up to take a builder on to build a house, (building regs just passed) and one of the questions that has come up is whether to recess windows slightly or keep them flush. I think the former but looking for examples of other farm houses to see how they’ve retained/created...
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    Ford Ranger Adblue level sensor

    Hi folks. After a bit of advice. Think if I copy and paste a my complaint email it’ll sum it up. I encountered an Adblue tank level sensor issue, where upon refilling my Adblue tank the level did not reset and continued to countdown to engine shutdown. I took my truck to Evans Halshaw to have...
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    Building a bridge

    I’ve got a bridge that has failed, and need to dig it out and replace with a new one. I’m going to use a twin wall corrugated pipe for the water, however what would you suggest for retaining walls/materials for the rest of the construction? I’ve seen tote bags used but I don’t want them to...
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    Broadcasting setting for Kuhn

    Apologies if this is deemed to be in the wrong section, couldn’t decide if here or machinery was best... I’ve got a Kuhn Axis 40.1 and wondered if anyone has spread wheat and what settings they went with? I have the settings from the app but would like some confidence knowing they’re correct...
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    Farm Alarm Subscription

    Hi folks, What, if anything, are you all paying for burglar alarm subscription? I've just paid my annual £250 for the maintenance (very little) of 3 burglar alarms. One in the house, one workshop and office. Not had an issue with them for a few years but this subscription means if there is a...
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    DD on Dowdeswell

    Hi folks, Wondered if anyone could help me; I have a 7 furrow dowdeswell 145MA currently on UCN bodies. These bodies are useless for full inversion on my land. I do very little ploughing but what I do do is for burying any bg, and as such haven’t used this plough. Would DD bodies on this plough...
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    If anyone wants a good laugh have a read of this thread by ‘United to Save Wildlife’. Just shows the thought process of the ‘other team’
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    Horsch Leeb AX

    Hi all, I wondered if anyone has been up close and personal with the new Leeb AX? Any views/opinions on it? Having read the literature... and potential price tag, I’m getting more interested in it. I’ll be looking for a sprayer in the coming months and currently have a SP. I know people say...