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    Food Banks

    What are peoples opinions on Food Banks, why are they suddenly so prominent. My local town, which is fairly prosperous albeit with the usual areas of deprivation, now has one. My instinct is that this is unnecessary and counter productive. I live in an area with a substantial soft fruit...
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    Log Boiler

    I am keen to put in a log boiler for our farmhouse. We have a lot of low grade woodland on the farm and an old cattle court which can be used for seasoning wood. Are they a lot more work than and open fire? I like the simplicity of them. Buying pellets defeats the advantage of our own wood...
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    cost of grain store

    What would you expect a new grain store with grain drier to cost. £./ton.?
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    Blocked spouts

    Started sowing a field and reversed into comer twisting a spout or five. Oops. Anyway these spouts have been choked until I checked at the first tramline, so 10 passes of grain drill are going to look a bit of a mess and needless to say its beside the road. Just about finished sowing rest of...