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  1. farmerfred86

    Welding helmet with respirator

    Im looking to replace my old welding helmet and would like an air purifier/respirator Found the sealey product that isn't a lot of money? Any suggestions?
  2. farmerfred86

    Frost intolerant covers

    Im considering a winter cover of frost intolerant species. Likely to be buckwheat, phacelia, linseed etc The idea is to provide cover into winter but leave the field clear for spring drilling without the need for destruction. I find it essential on heavy clays to get the land to dry out ready...
  3. farmerfred86


    I want to add Lucerne into my over winter covers but have no experience with it. (Mainly for rooting ability) I'm a little concerned it is harder to kill and possibly wont add anything in the 6 month window. Any comments on lucerne please?
  4. farmerfred86

    Flooding and Planning (Sequential test)

    We are undertaking a project in a flood zone. It appears we will now undertake a sequential test. Has anyone done this? Any comments/costs/thoughts please?
  5. farmerfred86

    Snow foam

    Are the snow foam adapters for pressure washers a bit of a gimmick? They look good for washing machinery but not sure they’re any better than TFR soaking for a few mins?
  6. farmerfred86

    Expanding a solar system

    What is the process to increase or alter the size of a system? Im considering adding extra solar or possibly a wind turbine. (I believe we could utilise inverters already on site as they are not all at capacity.) Is it another DNO application?
  7. farmerfred86

    Raspberry Pi ANPR Camera

    Im looking to install an ANPR camera (ideally in a car) using a Raspberry Pi. There are several on the internet: I need it to scan a list of known number plates that I can update monthly. Ideally this would sound an alarm if it...
  8. farmerfred86

    Claydon Drill as a Hoe

    I've seen the claydon hybrid used as a hoe in the spring... much like the system chameleon... Simply using the same machine but offset into the unseeded bands. Just wondering why or if this isn't done more? Lack of RTK uptake perhaps or is the drill too heavy to use in this way for regular...
  9. farmerfred86

    Glamping and flood zones

    Looking to build a glamping site (cabin) along side a river which is obviously in a flood zone. And advice for flooding and planning issues? Building a house here would obviously be impossible but i'm hoping tourism/temporary accommodation will get us past this hurdle?
  10. farmerfred86

    Flood zone buildings

    In the process of a barn conversion that is just inside flood zone 2 (literally just inside the edge of the flood zone.) The council initially wanted levels but now want full hydraulic modelling/fluvial modelling and the initial quote is £10k! Any suggestions or companies to try for a quote...
  11. farmerfred86

    Sprayer jack

    I want to make wheel changes safer on our SP sprayer. Currently use a large metal stand with bottle jack. The problem is usually lowering which isn’t very safe. thinking either air powered bottle jack on the same stand or a “sprayer jack”. Are they good? How much are they?
  12. farmerfred86

    Panel cleaning robot

    We have one array that is very high and difficult to clean, it does however stay relatively clean because of its position. Saw this advertised by BeBa energy today and thought it worth sharing as others might have the same.
  13. farmerfred86

    Beet drill rows next to tram line

    My beet drill has the option to increase the seed rate in rows next to the tram lines... what is usual? 5% 10% nothing?
  14. farmerfred86

    Kvernlands settings for Kainit

    Looking for settings to spread Magnesia Kainit for sugarbeet through a Kvernland exacta TL? Cant find any on the app...
  15. farmerfred86

    Sugar beet seed pricing

    So now that neo-nics have been banned and removed as the seed dressing the cost of the seed doesn't appear to have dropped. Given that Biscaya is ultra expensive and an extra slice into the margin on growing beet (along with a second spray of Tepeki) this adds to the pressure. Are the NFU sugar...
  16. farmerfred86

    Kleine Unicorn beet drill

    Anyone used a kleine unicorn beet drill? Any good/bad points? Looking at a synchro drive model.
  17. farmerfred86

    AHDB Farm bench

    I'm a little late to the party with this one but... This seems like a data mining exercise to me? Benchmarking is very simple and any self respecting business would already be doing it. The AHDB are asking for alot of very personal data with this? Can anyone explain or recommend AHDB farm bench?
  18. farmerfred86

    Electric pickup

    Our industry is crying out for a decent electric utility vehicle. Although this looks a little bit modern at the moment it could well be a winner?
  19. farmerfred86

    making tax digital spreadsheets

    I have a shell company that I need to complete simple VAT returns for. I dont want to fork out for accounting software just for this business alone so I want to use the spreadsheet option to complete my VAT returns. I understand you have to upload them through a bridging company come April? Is...
  20. farmerfred86

    Mzuri rezult stubble rake

    I'm after a Mzuri rezult/stubble rake with discs...