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    Electric car charging stations.

    I suspect you might be around £40-50k, before grid connection
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    All things Dairy

    We have given up lime and gone to Pruex. The lime dust was causing health issues for staff and was not kind to udders. Very pleased with Pruex in this application
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    Where to find a light switch

    Vehicle wiring products are excellent
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    Weaving GD user thread

    In our first year, we got a GD and it did an excellent job of cover crops and cereals but could not get the beans deep enough. The following year we saw @Bob lincs Sabre tine conversion on a KV cultivator so got that for the beans. Inter-row spacing was much greater than the Weaving Sabre drill...
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    Slurry separation

    We have these on the digester, pump 4" flints, gate hinges and similar. I found that with manual greasing of the flapper shafts I had to re-bush them every year (bushes from Simply Bearings), now I have fitted auto-greasing and they last 2-3 years. Mind you our pump does 400 hours per month. A...
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    Weaving GD user thread

    Would a tillage radish break through?
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    COP26 ... Your predictions

    Some Tesla only, some all cars but you would be better off at the rapid down the road
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    COP26 ... Your predictions

    More misinformation - they are Jaguar iPaces Gleneagles Hotel has 3 Tesla destination chargers, and there is a 50kW rapid CCS in Auchterarder.
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    Weaving GD user thread

    What is the answer to the silt slumping?
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    It also comes from escapes from natural gas wells and pipelines. From what I remember from the video below, they reckon about 5% lost to atmosphere.
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    COP26 ... Your predictions

    They are actually Jaguar iPace cars
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    shear grab replacment

    We are bending our Shelbourne shear bucket on lucerne silage (absolutely fine on grass and maize), so are wondering about one of these Anyone tried one?
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    Axial Flow Fans in Series

    This will tell you everything you need to know and more - should be a free download
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    I admit, I have a workshop tool addiction :-)

    I had this after driving the Ser IIA LR across the Sahara in 1971. Got the dishes in the spare rusty on the way down. When I went to change from the spare back to the repaired tyre in Senegal, the only way I could get the nuts undone was to put the end of the bar on the tarmac and jerk the...
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    I admit, I have a workshop tool addiction :-)

    Rust in the dish (cup) which the wheel nut sits in? Would affect one wheel without necessarily the other.
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    Small Scale AD

    I helped in the build of the gasholder in this one in Malawi in 1977. It made gas for cooking the farm workers food. Ran on cow manure (got a hyaena stuck in it after I left)
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    Small Scale AD

    Anyone going seriously down this route is welcome to come to our farm and see how we have had to modify our AD to get it to work, and reduce maintenance costs.
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    Main dealers fitters

    I am in the process of recruiting a graduate engineer for the farm. Last year I took on a technician engineer who had done a full apprenticeship. He was capable of repairing stuff, but I need a graduate level to be able to diagnose why it broke, how to redesign it so it does not break again, or...
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    Ad plants , you can’t make it up

    That is the official OFGEM method. You can make a carbon footprint whatever you like, by drawing the boundaries of your assessment in different places. Embedded energy in plant and machinery is one that is sometimes included, but what about the embedded energy in the factories that produce the...
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    Main dealers fitters

    A fitter is a highly skilled occupation. It was originally applied to people who fitted bearings, line shafting and the like by making micro adjustments to parts so they would line up and FIT together correctly. Main tools would be scraper, engineers blue, surface plate and similar. Those who...