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    'Surge' in illegal bird of prey killings since lockdown

    That could well be the case, Avery et al maintain that nature will find an equilibrium, others think that the equilibrium will be at the expense of our native song and moorland birds If the report is true then the Estates and keepers must be prosecuted because its against the law. RSPB are...
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    Business loans, 100% government backed,

    Agreed...The loan I received is going towards expansion and investment..not to tied me over, while i sit on my arse
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    In the gutter where he belongs
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    Business loans, 100% government backed,

    Thats exactly how it went for me [Bank of Scotland}
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    Business loans, 100% government backed,

    We just received the loan, very welcome as our income has stopped.. need to invest in a project that might sustain us until the next tourist season starts
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    Pause a minute, listen and smile

    Watched assorted song birds chase a cuckoo today, and wondered why, if they all are aware of and dislike the cuckoo's so much they put up with their chicks.......maternal instinct ?
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    Kim Jong Un ... dead?

    His whole body suggests he has a serious problem with fat retention
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    Why are they testing all these people ?

    ? ... Yes and why not complain i refer you to my previous post. Data i suppose, the more they have the better placed they are to understand the problem. Keeping those that are unaware that they have it locked down, relief for those that think they have it but are proved negative, Im sure...
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    Why are they testing all these people ?

    I cant imagine what harm being tested would do.. if there are positives then bring it on
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    UK going back to work

    Talking of pollution... :giggle:
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    Captain Tom - Covid 19 NHS Fundraising

    Such an absolute legend and what a wonderful way to attain your 100th...fantastic
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    Harvesting Willow

    Ha Ha you may have point Brigadoon...Danllan, heres some now and then pics. as said the lambs got in a temporary fence and i thought oh well what harm can they do !... I planted about 200 willow slips about 20yrs ago as a windbreak, now i have several thousands. we also sell willow slips as...
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    If the virus takes 10 days to show and we have been in lockdown for 35 days how come 500 per day are still dying, they have clearly contracted the illness during lockdown.. does this mean that lockdown is a waste of time or does it mean we are all done for
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    Growing vegetables for NHS

    No mate I sell as much as i can.. ;)
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    Growing vegetables for NHS

    The land looks very similar to my croft 25yrs ago, I grazed it, drained it, then sprayed it before planting potatoes, in selected areas, as has been said get some pigs and a strong fence or cover the cropping areas with a plastic mulch and plant through that, a polytunnel would be good for...
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    Harvesting Willow

    Not particularly relevant but I have about 0.5 of a hectare of SRC which i use as windbreak, craft etc, Cut as needed when plant dormant, I did have some pet lambs eat off the new shoots over several weeks in the spring [about a dozen stools] and that effectively killed them........ the willow...
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    Pacham, avery etc maintain that magpies pose no threat to songbirds, the UK charity Songbird Survival and others have found otherwise !.. how safe is the wildlife of Britain with WJ conning people into funding court cases to ban sensible control of corvids and increase the bird of prey numbers...
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    A stark statistic

    Thats a very good idea !