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    Cleaning out pot ale tank.

    Put a proper hatch and a ladder. We clean ours every load. Power washer is ideal but a decent hosepipe and nozzle works too. To do it properly you should be wearing a harness and have a tripod so that your body can be winched out. Plus ventilation and gas meters. Dad hasn't died yet though.
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    Tractor Tyre advice

    I'll give the same advice I gave on the facebook group. Find out what rims you have first.
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    Returning a pickup

    Well done. I'm hoping Skoda have a similar attitude.
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    Returning a pickup

    Our fuel supplier has history with Skoda and is well on side. They are a cooperative and we are members.
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    Returning a pickup

    Fuel system. Tank flush, new pump, injectors and fuel rail. Independent has quoted five and a half but as he says, despite him using Delphi injectors, Skoda will say they are non genuine.
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    Still waiting for WW seed?

    Beans just arrived here, there was a load of skyscraper on the wagon as well. Beans will wait until we've planted the rest of the wheat after maize. Just got to harvest it...
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    Returning a pickup

    I'm currently on with Skoda Finance to return our Karoq. The fuel pump has given up, dealer is blaming misfueling but we only fill from our own tank. They want 7600 quid. 18 month old.
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    Telehandler Size

    I wouldn't worry about a 45 minute loading time. Wagons regularly wait 4 hours to tip. Get yours properly serviced by a specialist or get a decent 627. Don't buy our old one...
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    Telehandler Size

    Absolutely, and if money is no object then you would be buying a proper wheeled loader with a 4t bucket. A 3.5t machine to do less than 50 hours a year is a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
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    Telehandler Size

    Do you *really* need a telehandler? 1000t isn't enough to justify a machine if you have a decent tractor that could run a toe tip bucket. Less than a wagon a week.
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    Telehandler Size

    We've gone from a 627 to a 630. If I could fit it in the buildings then I would love to have gone up a size, the hydraulics are much more powerful on the wide body machines. If I had the height and wasn't off and on all the time then it would be a JCB. Hopefully Manitou will get all the niggles...
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    Wood burner heating some radiators

    Put a proper log boiler with a thermal store in an outhouse and keep all the muck out there. Somewhere you can get to with a telehandler. I used to love our stove but I don't miss it now I have a warm house when I come in.
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    Still waiting for WW seed?

    We had some Insitor turn up six weeks after ordering on a low loader. The sheet covered the top of the load but the sides were a net(?). It was raining hard, the water was running off the neck and the bags were in a puddle. Red water pouring out of the bag. Rang supplier and sent photos, chased...
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    F-ing Spring Beans

    We had planned to cut moist and popcorn straight away this year. Managed to get them dry and some unsprayed for seed as well. We'll have to plan to do the same next year...
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    Borehole depth.

    Our borehole man had a powered winch that sat on a tripod when he came to fit a new pump.
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    Bag lifter

    Pretty sure there is a picture on the side of every bag of fert telling you not to use unprotected pallet tines. Bag lifter is great, safer and quicker unloading wagons, much better filling the drill and I can fit twice as many bags in our low shed. Money well spent.
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    Transmission oil pressure light on Manitou MLT 627

    Find the sensor, when they fail they often leak a bit. Change the sensor, if the light is still on then blow the bulb and sell it...
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    Badger proofing a shed

    We spent a couple of thousand. Less than a year payback. If we had done it before our breakdown it would have saved probably 5k about 10k's worth of stress.
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    Badger proofing a shed

    This. We have an MOD facility on one boundary and APHA won't accept the 3m high chain link with 4 strands of barbed wire. So we have 3 strands of electric. All the rest is solid with an exception for gates. Well worth doing.
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    Tapatalk has been removed

    Never forget that TFF is a business, run to make a profit. If it wasn't going to cover itself, they wouldn't be doing it.