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  1. james ds

    Spearhead flail head trouble

    A neighbouring contractor has just traded in his spearhead machine for a new top of the range contractor sped flail hedge cutter. He’s not too happy with it as the bearings in the head are running red hot. Dealer has changed the bearings but stI’ll running mad hot, has anyone else had the same...
  2. james ds

    Silage additive applicators

    I'm looking for applicators for the silage wagons , what are the best value systems , they seem big money for what they are . What are people using , I have customers who want to use additive for the third cuts.
  3. james ds

    Lely Tedder trouble .

    Are lely tedders really this bad, a few farmers who I cut silage have lely tedders , bought new 4 -5 years ago, only do their own work which would be about 800 acres a year, 3 break downs in the last week , and I have to give them my pottinger to keep them going , two broke again today , both...
  4. james ds

    Agriknives knife sharpening machine

    That Agriknives sharpening machine is now recognized as the worlds most efficient sharpening machine , having won several awards for best new machine of the year awards . reducing fuel by 40%, extending knife lifespan by 500% , a cold sharpening system that keep machines chopping for longer...
  5. james ds

    Manitou 630 hydraulic pump needed

    A friend of mine is looking for a hydraulic pump for a 2003 manitou 630 loader , is there any option apart from genuine , or where is the best value to get one of these pumps. Thanks .
  6. james ds

    Knives for tarrup tenX .

    I have a guy looking for the knives for a tenX , the short one that acts as a blower paddle can’t be got here easily. Anyone know who has some in stock.
  7. james ds

    Pro covers for waltershield heavy duty shafts

    Where’s the best value in replacement pto covers for waltershield wide angle shafts, origionial are very expensive , is there an alternative.
  8. james ds

    Quickest way to fill diet feeder .

    A farmer who I do a lot of work for is trying to speed up the time spent filling the twin tub feeder , feeding over 1000 head of stock every day, currently using a JCB 320 and a shear bucket, he’s think of going for a 414 and bigger grab but might not have enough height with it, how are people...
  9. james ds

    Case 5150 engine rebuild .

    My neighbour has a case 5150 and the engine is gone , most part suppliers are closed here , where is the best place to get a complete kit for it in origionial quality , not the cheap fake kits.
  10. james ds

    Machine to lay water pipe.

    Hi , I have a lot of water pipes going out to cattle drinkers , and I want to ploughing in the pipe , is there any handy machines available to do this, thanks.
  11. james ds

    The effects of the virus on machinery dealers.

    All our dealers are closed except for parts to be sent out or left out for you to collect, New machines are being cancelled , the price of beef and lamb and pork have all dropped this week, the breweries are closed , no need for malting barley , I think a lot of dealers who were living on the...
  12. james ds

    The sharpest knife at Agritechnia .

    We have the sharpest baler knife at the exhibition , sharpened by the Agriknives grinding machine . Come and visit us in hall 27 , stand H01.b
  13. james ds

    Cost of rebuilding a six cylinder engine .

    What is the labour charge for a complete engine rebuild including crank shaft bearings. A few of us were chatting in the local the other night , and we had variations from €1500 to €4000 for a six cylinder , parts not included.
  14. james ds

    Will pigs be wiped out .

    I've just been reading that 25% of the worlds pigs have been killed and dumped , could this disease wipe them out with no treatment available. With the shortage of pig meat , beef prices are going up world wide , when are these price rises been passed back to the farmer .
  15. james ds

    JCB fast track. Spools

    Hi, the spools on the 3230 plus are electric and have started to not work right , I plugged them out and eliminated one that was putting up a fault code , so we have left it plugged out and the other 3 worked , now today they have stopped working too , what is the best thing to do to get them...
  16. james ds

    Bryce post drivers

    I seen the Bryce post drivers at a show recently , they look to be a great well made machine , are Bryce a good company to deal with . I'm thinking of buying a machine from them.
  17. james ds

    Irish beef price protest

    Irish farmers are protesting at meat factories about the whole system of the way they have kept dropping the prices paid to farmers . Farmers now have 12 plants closed and will shut the whole industry down until prices rise , U.K. Farmers need to do the same . Otherwise the factories will have...
  18. james ds

    Slurry quip dribble bars .

    Hi, anyone use Slurryquip dribble bars , how do their choppers work , how are they working compare to other brands .
  19. james ds

    Pottinger cam clutch

    I bought a pottinger wagon recently and the cam clutch on the pto is not cutting out as it should , it only ever did light work and so was never used from new , how do you set these cam clutches.
  20. james ds

    New power harrow for stoney ground .

    Im looking at a new 3 m power Harrow , we have plenty of stones so which Harrow is the best on stoney soil. I'm thinking Amazon or Kuhn or Pottinger, I have two pottingers already but they changed their one piece tine to two single tines and a new adaptor plate for the older models , but it...