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  1. spin cycle

    complicated toxo question

    SO....long story,,,,as always :rolleyes: about a month ago i read an agriland story on here that toxo is present but undetected on 66 % of farms......that set me thinking back to last lambing.....was lamb% down a little?,,,did we have more weak lambs than we should?.....i contacted the vet...
  2. spin cycle

    sheep preg nancy detector

    god i'm gonna get some pee ripped :bag: ,,,,but here goes:rolleyes: given my 'unconventional' sheep farming methods😗...i'm thinking a simple pregnancy detector might be useful....the sort that emit and audible sound not a scanner......does anyone have any experience with them? feel free to...
  3. spin cycle

    was i wrong?

    took daughter back to nottingham uni today....on way out radcliffe area....good wide road there was a jd with drill .....coupla cars behind him waiting to overtake.....i sat back another 30 yds out slightly ...i reasoned i could see ahead better than the two cars and when opportunity arose could...
  4. spin cycle

    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT....this is brilliant and should get loadsa likeys

    onething...being VERY's 'tirpitz' :bag:
  5. spin cycle

    weedy straw in swath

    been driving past a field of barley this year....something obviously went wrong cos fair bit of me thinking would the straw be ok for stock :scratchhead:
  6. spin cycle

    combine until when?

    just curious to hear what time of night..or stage? folks combine until:)
  7. spin cycle

    tff proper farmin group

    please add your ideas :) i'm in for ploughin....straw burning....indoor lambin....pigs indoors
  8. spin cycle

    wildlife offer help

    deadline fwag advisor gone awol :unsure: you mark 'rotational options' on the 'options map'?.....i don't think you do:scratchhead:.....i only have rotational options so this map will be blank:scratchhead: it's a simple application...i don't need a land...
  9. spin cycle

    i don't suppose....

    anyone in eastern counties has a really tidy one a these surplus to reqts?
  10. spin cycle

    swath wilters

    anybody use something like these?
  11. spin cycle

    questions for pig farmers

    in our local paper (edp) the farming section carried a big article about how pigs were making a £10 loss/hd....peter crichton was quoted outlining problems the next page peter crichton is advertising for largish amount of ground for client to run outdoor pigs:scratchhead: not having a go but...
  12. spin cycle

    gs4 legume and herb rich

    anyone grow this?.....whats it like to establish/weed control?.....can it make hay?...though nutrient depletion could be a problem :scratchhead: .......grazing wise what sorta lsu can it reasonably support without falling foul of regs:scratchhead:
  13. spin cycle

    2 goslings

    free to a nice TFF pet home.....hatched + reared on a whim...become attached to them but can't expand our 'menagerie' further will be white and grace any farmyard muddy puddle😁 i'm to much of a softie to sell for the pot:bag:
  14. spin cycle

    electric ram thingys???

    rams that are electric powered rather than hydraulic....what are they actually called and where can you get them?....need one for a round baler tie mechanism....thought about hydraulic but space tight which is why they opted for leccy in first place....baler,like me, is obsolete so nae chance of...
  15. spin cycle

    farming's civil war is coming

    between RT,the govt and those farmers that support them and the rest it's inevitable as RT 'goes for broke' in a regulatory power grab frenzy......question is will the nfu change sides or will it remain in RT's back pocket? @Guy Smith
  16. spin cycle

    what should i pay per 4ft round bale

    .....contractor cuts...i turn....then contractor bales + wraps...6 layers :)
  17. spin cycle

    whats done this to spuds

    interesting photo on local faceache of some ones spuds....2 yr old pig muck used
  18. spin cycle

    vaccinating and rain

    ok...i admit it...i'm a 'nonce' but i've a question :rolleyes: ewes didn't get hep'd so i've been pretty sharp vaccinating lambs in batches at 3 weeks...until now:banghead:...been held 100 at 4 weeks for first dose and 50 for i don't like to vaccinate before a weather...
  19. spin cycle

    british retail consortium dominate red tractor

    hope this works....listen to quick mention of nfu meetings with 'red tractor''s being spun as ,despite being an owner, they have no power over RT
  20. spin cycle

    i must resist