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  1. Gordy1

    Train Struck Tractor

    Train has struck a tractor on a crossing between Whittlesea & March in Cambridgeshire this morning. No more updates as yet.
  2. Gordy1

    Ford Ranger Recall

    I’ve been notified that our 2019 Ford Ranger truck has been recalled due to a manufacturing technical fault that makes it go into limp mode, they said a technician can come out to fix it & will take about two hours…..(two hours of lost time when it’s fords fault will I get compensated for being...
  3. Gordy1

    High Cholestrol

    Had a cholestrol test the other day & was told it was on the high side 6.9 where 5 is normal, was thinking about buying a metre so I cloud keep check as I try to get it down just wondering if anyone has ever bought one that can be recommended as there are a lot of different ones on the market...
  4. Gordy1

    Grey Fergie wheels

    My boys are looking for a pair of rear rims & or tyres to fit a little grey fergie to replace a pair of row crop wheels the tyres don’t have to be that great, also a front rim & tyre, preferably in the Anglia area., anyone know if MF 135 wheels fit.
  5. Gordy1

    DB 1390

    Having trouble with the power steering, turning ok one way but not the other, I posted the problem on here some time ago but can't find it now, I was advised to change the hydraulic filter which I have got around to doing Noe but it didn't cure it but I can't remember what the other advice were...
  6. Gordy1

    I.H 784 engine rebuild

    Have put the engine back in but after a couple of minutes each time its started up it blows oil out from the dip stick, it was all cleaned & ship shape whilst rebuilding it so can't see where the problem lies I know it points to pressure in the sump but as I said everything was cleaned...
  7. Gordy1


    We used to breed landrace pigs years ago mainly for bacon & showing, was just wondering if the name was still about "The Bridgeworth Heard of Pedigree Landrace" they were sold to farms all over the country as well as far flung countries around the world. It would be nice to know if they were...
  8. Gordy1

    They're About

    tractor battery stolen off tractor couldn't unbolt it had to cut it off with bolt croppers through the HT leads!!!,so more replacement cost, van broken into & attempted break in to one of the barns as well, Haverhill Suffolk area, arrived in yard an hour after it happened, all caught on cctv but...
  9. Gordy1

    Steam Train Through East Anglia

    i see there is a steam train running on the 31st of August Kings Cross to Yarmouth via Cambridge & Ely so make a note in your diary if you have any standing corn on rout & have your fire extinguishers ready & a compensation form made out to Network Rail
  10. Gordy1

    I.H 784 engine rebuild

    Does anyone have any home made set up for removing the piston liners you can share, have seen it done on you tube but other than buying an hydraulic press is there an easier solution or bodges to do it that I can pass onto my boys.
  11. Gordy1

    DB 1390

    Hi, Have problems with the power steering, it's ok turning wheels left but when you straighten up or turn wheels to the right the steering goes hard, it's like there is a blockage in the hydraulic pipe somewhere, is this a usual problem with these DB's as I heard someone else have the same thing...
  12. Gordy1

    Rowcrop I.D

    i have these pair of rowcrops wheels at the back of the barn & wondered if anyone knows what they might of come off, I was told they may be off an old mini gem crop sprayer, they are big wheels but only have 6 studs so wouldn't have thought they'd come off anything too hefty.
  13. Gordy1

    Fergie tef20

    Just replaced the clutch & oil seals & about to join engine to transmission & lost a bolt!!, Does anyone know the thread size of these bolts?? So I can try & source a couple.
  14. Gordy1

    Imperial socket required

    Does anyone know a good tool distributor, I require a socket to change some rowcrops wheels, I am looking for a 1 1/8th inch socket with 1 inch drive, have seen a couple but for silly money probably only use that size couple of times then it will lay around the workshop for months on end.
  15. Gordy1


    Has anyone ever subscribed to the Vintage Tractor Engineer (VTE), I used to get at least one email from them every week about different projects but I haven't had anything for sometime so wondered if they are still about, they are primarily concerned with M.F tractors & were very informative.
  16. Gordy1

    Cab doors

    pair of cab doors wanted to fit Leyland 272 tractor Q cab, east anglia area, or further afield if can be sent by courier
  17. Gordy1

    Leyland 272

    Hi, I am looking for a pair of rear wheels for a Leyland 272 tractor, doesn't have to have good tread on them so if anyone has got a pair of these wheels knocking about somewhere I would be interested, I am located on the Essex/ suffolk border so would be looking in the east anglia area but...
  18. Gordy1

    Leyland 2100

    hi all, restoring a leyland 2100 tractor but having trouble locating tyres & rims for her, at the moment she's got rowcrop wheels , looking for a pair of 15.30 x 34 tyres plus rims but can't source them anywhere does anyone know what other tractor model wheels would fit or does anyone have a...
  19. Gordy1

    DB 880

    hi, I have just posted a thread about 3pt. Linkage problem on the Machinery forum, l have now seen this vintage forum & now think I should have posted it here (new member) if anyone knows about this particular tractor perhaps you could take a look on there & see if you can help. Thanks anyway
  20. Gordy1

    David Brown 880

    hi, does anyone know the hydraulics on the DB 880, friend of mine has acquired one of these machines, the problem is the 3 pt. linkage arms don't go down it has a front loader which works he as tried pushing& pulling every leaver with no result, I have had a couple of earlier fords i.e. 3000 &...