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  1. J 1177

    Mini loadall

    Does anybody on here run a mini telescopic such as a whacker newson, merlo etc. Just woundering how they are performing on farm compared to maybes an older 2.5 ton machine.
  2. J 1177

    Warrick bale trailers

    Local dealer has started stocking these, look decent, any opinions on them, how well they tow etc?
  3. J 1177

    Krm powerharrow

    Do krm still import falc powerharrows and sell them?
  4. J 1177

    Whole oats to calves

    Does it make any difference to feeding whole oats vs rolled/nipped oats for calves or stirks? Im on trying whole (being lazy) and it just looks sort of wrong in the troughs? Whats peoples opinions?
  5. J 1177

    Shed build

    Thought some would like to see some of the new cattle shed we are putting up. First day today clearing the site. The shed is a 90x45. And a extended yard.
  6. J 1177

    Ultra un-reliable tractor

    After @Cab-over Pete thread about ultra reliable tractors I thought I'd ask. What's the biggest pile of doo doo out there, horror stories etc......It's raining I'm bored. Over to you lads and lasses....
  7. J 1177


    Just checking chaps and chapesses are these little barstewards booklice, I have them on the top of an oat heap 14.5% off the combine
  8. J 1177

    Feeding space and meal spoilige under a cantilever

    I'm in the process of ordering a new shed 90 ft long 45ft wide with a 4ft6 cantilever, the sheds to be split into 3 45x30 pens with cattle hurdles, 7 bar ones. (I like the idea of being able to move them). The floor is going to be hard core with limestone fines whacked down. I'm not 100% sure...
  9. J 1177

    Graham heath kits.

    Hello chaps and chapesses does anyone have one of the heath kit cattle buildings 100x40. If seen them advertised and they seem decent. Just woundering if anyone has put one up and how do they go together (the fit I mean) and are they please with them?
  10. J 1177

    Welger 445 cog running hot

    Been baling tonight and the top big cog above the ratchet cog on the left side of my baler is fairly warm to the touch, so is the big drive chain that runs on it and down to the front. From what I can feel behind the bearing is cool and it's running fine. Do these usually generate heat, iv not...
  11. J 1177

    Free flow return mf

    Having treated myself to a post knocker I'm wanting to know if this is the port for the return line on the back of my 6480 its the wrong size, that can be sorted but it came with the tractor and I'm not sure if it's the right port or would I be better getting a union made up to go in the filler...
  12. J 1177

    Bean silage

    As my beans look some where between rubbish and crap and I'm not looking forward to paying a contractor to cut them. I also feed all of them. I was thinking about baling and wrapping them while the beans are still green. My questions are is it do able and do they make decent feed?
  13. J 1177

    Mf 6480 gear readout

    My 6480 is chucking up F_ and R_ in the gear readout when in speed matching or auto in road gears not in manual. The gears are changing smoothly and forward reverse is very smooth. Any ideas why it's doing this.
  14. J 1177

    Polytunnel for calves

    Just thinking out loud but with the prospect of again mucking out my byres with a gripe to contend with today. I was wondering if a poly tunnel would provide a decent cheap alternative to keep calves in. Or if anyone had any experience of them. Iv seen the ones from northern polytunnel that have...
  15. J 1177

    Triticale for bulls

    I'm toying with the idea of growing some triticale instead of a second wheat on 30 acres of heavy land we have. If I did grow it I would like to feed it, currently my ration is 60% barley 40% Wheat. I was thinking it may replace the wheat part? Any experience?
  16. J 1177

    Newholland t6 transmission

    Any ideas of this problem. My t6050 16x16 . Seems to not quite go into gear shuttling from reverse gear 9 to forward gear 10. It's moving feels like it's slipping but then all of a sudden goes in with a wollop. It only does this in these gears .10 rev to 10 forward are fine. Iv calibrated it and...
  17. J 1177

    Bull with wonky back

    Iv got a blue bull about a year old that has a humped back. It stands on all 4s walks fine (fecking thing runs aswell). Seems fit eats, puts weight on. If you feel the lump is seems like a massively pronounced back line. I.e. meat rather than a swelling. What could this be, could it be genetic...
  18. J 1177

    Mf error code T246

    Leading muck with my 6480 this afternoon. I pulled out of a junction with a load of muck on, accelerated and changed up from 3c up the gears but as I changed into 4th range the 4 light on the gear read out flashed and both screens chucked up the code t246. I still had drive but couldn't change...
  19. J 1177

    60x30 grainstore

    I'm thinking out loud here but would a shed 60x30 or 60x35 shed (restricted site) hold 220 tons of wheat? and would the shed need to be designed as a grainstore (force loading) rather than a general purpose shed. Is there much of a price difference in this? A small shed like this would idealy...
  20. J 1177

    Drill for beans

    As I keep having bother with the accord sowing sp beans (and the following crop I'm sowing) What sort of cheap (30 acres of beans at the most) grain drill will drill beans. Any ideas?