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  1. jacobl741

    Roofing man in derbyshire

    Does anyone know of any roofing me in Derbyshire who will come and change about 8 sheets on a barn roof? We are near Buxton, wanting them done before the cows some in ideally!!
  2. jacobl741

    Field roller

    After a 8ft field roller, not over dear, don’t mind if it needs bit of work like bearings etc
  3. jacobl741

    Prevention against pneumonia

    I read an article somewhere (can’t remember where) saying that cases of pneumonia are likely to be a lot higher this winter than others. Having had a couple of mild cases over the last year or two I’m just wondering what people are using to prevent it. I’m sure it will be cheaper than the...
  4. jacobl741

    Dmax canopy / hardtop

    Anyone got a canopy or hardtop for sale for an isuzu dmax, would prefer a plastic,fibreglass one but anything considered. Must be in good order.
  5. jacobl741

    Sowing a cover crop

    Talking to my grandad earlier, he mentioned back in the day when he was short of land he would sow a cover crop with the grass (barley) so that he was getting as much silage as he could. At the time he was direct chopping and he said the cows loved it and did well on it. Wondering if anyone on...
  6. jacobl741

    Adjusting brakes on a ford 3000

    How do you adjust the brakes on a pre force ford 3000. The brakes on ours (scraper tractor) have gone completely whilst been stood over the summer for some reason!
  7. jacobl741

    Stacking shavings on a trailer

    has anyone tried stacking tonne bags of sawdust on a trailer 2 high before? And how did it travel and what sort of strapping was needed? Cheers
  8. jacobl741

    Bale slicer

    Wanted bale slice mchale 994 or similar
  9. jacobl741

    Which yard scraper

    Any one recommend any good yard scrapers for scraping the cubicle house out? Seems to be loads about but which are the good ones? Been offered a browns but it’s an eco not the heavy duty…
  10. jacobl741

    Best work boots

    What are peoples thoughts on the best work boots to buy? I go for non steel toe caps, been using timberlands the past year and have been happy with them, what else do people recommend?
  11. jacobl741

    Grey fergy, fordson 8n 9n

    After an old grey fergy or ford 8/9n. Don’t want a show winner or restored one, want to cosmetically restore it myself. As long as it’s mechanically ok or there abouts that will do 👍🏻 Cheers
  12. jacobl741

    Value this

    2006 5465, dyna 4 box, just shy of 6000 hours, tyres about 40%, 2 spools, all working as it should, tidy order, I’m 3rd owner been local it’s whole life
  13. jacobl741

    Pedigree lim bulls

    Got a couple of very smart pedigree Limousin bulls for sale, ready for work and well bred. You won’t find one much quieter, sensibly priced. We are near Buxton Derbyshire. If anyone’s interested I can get some pics and send you more information etc
  14. jacobl741

    Pick up mudflaps

    Anyone no if any decent after market mudflaps that are abit longer than standard ones? My dmax loves squatting s*** up the side of itself !
  15. jacobl741

    Slurry sprinkler

    Any opinions on which is better?
  16. jacobl741

    Kramp prices

    Hi please could someone with a kramp account please do me a favour and find out how much these two products are? 6107000Z 6107209Z Local dealers being a pain! Cheers !!
  17. jacobl741

    Perrot fittings

    Anyone know where I’d get a splash plate on perrot (KKV) fittings? Can’t seem to find any
  18. jacobl741

    Tanker pump oil

    Just bought an old jwt tanker, what oil should I get for the pump? Can vaguely make out an old sticker that says something about jwt compressor oil?
  19. jacobl741

    splash plate angle

    just bought an old tanker to do up, currently making a new splash plate and arm for it. Does the splash plate need to be round? And also whats the best angle to put it at as im just going to weld it up solid. Also what size should the splash plate be roughly? Cheers!!
  20. jacobl741


    Can anyone recommend someone to sandblast and undercoat me a small tanker? We are near Buxton Derbyshire