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  1. marcot

    Grease nipples won't take grease.....

    Jack the axle up a bit
  2. marcot

    what grinds your gears

    Cum on Eileen.......
  3. marcot

    Best way to sample grain when stored 12ft deep

    Take a handful out of each trailer before you push it up the 😊
  4. marcot

    what grinds your gears

    Could you cut the tree down and take it indoors?
  5. marcot

    Lorry driver shortage

    He is far more likely to catch the Clap
  6. marcot

    what grinds your gears

    What grinds your gears thread hasn't been the same since you went AWOL 😂
  7. marcot

    Your current weather.

    If I had a wet pussy suddenly arrive in my bed i wouldn't call it insignificant
  8. marcot

    Kingspan tanks and their level monitoring.

    The sonic sender has a coin cell battery inside it to provide power
  9. marcot

    Your current weather.

    We can't be far apart and I got 7mm out of that lot
  10. marcot

    Perspex Grain trailer windows?

    What cleaning products/techniques do people use to keep gain trailer perspex clean without charging the stuff up with enough static electricity to power a small city and attract every dust particle within 20 miles to adhere to it?
  11. marcot

    Some posters’ content unavailable

    I've been trying for years to block out his drivel ...if you manage to work out how you did it I will gladly pay you a small fortune for the info [emoji3]
  12. marcot

    Hail storms

    Looks like Haverhill is under water
  13. marcot

    Combinables Price Tracker

    Here usually [emoji21]
  14. marcot

    New RT Combinable Crops and S. Beet standards

    Nothing there to get very excited about ....
  15. marcot

    Rotating beacon motor

    Go to a main dealer and it will probably cost you £510 for a replacement beacon [emoji16]
  16. marcot

    Hancock doing injections.

    Not sure Hancock has many boundaries
  17. marcot

    Trailed Vs mounted mower

    A bit like my sexual experiences....usually nearer 2 than 6 though .....
  18. marcot

    what grinds your gears

    "Annual Leave" Why is every fudger on annual leave whenever you need to contact them? WTF is Annual Leave anyway.....why can't they be on Holiday like most normal people? Oh no ...they are on bloody Annual bloody Leave! Oh and its never Annual ...oh no its about 10 times a bloody year
  19. marcot

    Charging Utilities for My time?

    What do I need to be aware of most ? Not sticking to the fenced off route of the pipeline?
  20. marcot

    Charging Utilities for My time?

    I do have an agent but he hasn't suggested I charge for my time fielding all the phone calls and the site meetings but I will be on it now! pee'd off with them already so God knows what its going to be like when they eventually start ripping up my farm !!!!!