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    Store lambs Primera, Hampshire and exlana cross store lambs. Early April born Double vaccinated with ovivac p+ Healthy lambs looking nice and even £85
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    Aberdeen Angus x 4-7 months old

    Angus cross calves 4-7 months old. Mix of steers and heifers. Tb tested ready to go. Out of good Holstein cows. £455. Happy to answer questions or send more photos.
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    3 in 1 500 feeder

    3 in 1 500 feeder for sale Hardly used Ideal for restricted access feeding £600 plus VAT 07889288610
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    Nitrogen in Maize drill

    Soil results show no need for and extra P and K for maize so just 150kg/ha seed bed Nitrogen recommended. How much AN can be put down the spout on the drill without negative effects? Any advise appreciated. Thanks
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    Eazyflow teats

    Has anyone had problems with eazyflow teats on a jfc calf feeder. The teats seem to go flat and calves spend more time knocking each other off than drinking. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Lleyn and texel x in lamb ewes for sale

    125 in lamb ewes for sale. Mixed age but mainly yearlings to 3yo. Scanned at 155% to lleyn, primera and bfl/suffolk rams. Due to lamb early April. From outdoor lambing flock. £115 average price. Only selling to reduce numbers and move to more mixed farming. 07889288610.
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    Muddy lambs

    Looking for some advice. Our lambs are currently on roots and getting quite muddy where they have been jumping on each other. They were sheared late summer. They are growing well and nearly ready to go. Will this cause problems in market? Any advice appreciated Thanks
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    Feeding cull ewes

    After picking out cull ewes there seems to be a lot that are quite poor. Would like to feed them through a 3 in 1 feeder to put some condition and value on them over as short a time as possible. Just wondering what people have found best to feed? Is it worth spending the extra on a nut rather...
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    Woodland thinning who pays who?

    We have around 50 acres of woodland which is a mixture of hard and softwood. A tree surgeon has approached and offered to thin the wood in exchange for the firewood from it. He has suggested it would be a straight swap without any money changing hands. I was wondering if this is an acceptable...
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    C. Tenuicollis carcase rejection

    Just had someone who bought store lambs from us ring to say he has had a lot condemned due to c. Tenuicollis in one bunch. I wasn't aware whole carcasses were condemned for this and everything I seem to read on the internet just says the livers are condemned. Has anyone else experiences this? Is...
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    Wanted transport for 80 sheep from Gower to Cardiff

    Transport wanted for 80 sheep from Gower to Cardiff asap. Thanks
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    Pneumonia in bought in draft ewes

    Having problems with what I think is pneumonia in old ewes that were bought in 6 weeks ago. 6 have died so far. The first two had large lumps of puss and discolouring in the lungs. The second two had less puss but the lungs looked more red and were possibly swollen. Ewes seen with mild symptoms...
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    Mule ewe lambs

    55 Mule ewe lambs. Out of Beulah ewes by Bluefaced Leicester Rams. April born. Well grown. 40-45kg. £85
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    3 Quality Bluefaced Leicester yearling Rams.

    Three Bluefaced Leicester yearling Rams for sale. All worked successfully as ram lambs. Thrown good lambs. £575 each
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    Fattening cull cows on left over haylage??

    With a lot of haylage left over and difficult to sell. Is it worth buying in some poorer cull cows to put in empty sheds? Will they fatten on this alone and is it likely to be profitable? Thanks