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    Ambassador OSR

    Last year 1.5 million seeds pack weighed 13kg. This year 1.5 million seeds pack weighs 6.7 kg. How can it vary so much? Aiming to drill 40 seeds m2 which means a paltry 1.8kg / ha whereas last year was 3.5kg. Doesn't leave much room for error.
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    Moisture meter service

    Got a protimeter 900 that needs a check over. Gives me different readings every time for the same sample and I don't think I can trust it any longer. I sent it back to protimeter years ago for a service but I can't find their contact details anywhere now . They must still be going aren't they...
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    Can someone PLEASE give me an accurate forecast.

    2 forecasts for today, both updated this morning, both for same postcode . BBC says dry day, Met office says wet. How is anybody meant to plan anything!
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    Tx 65 vs class 430 tucano

    Currently running a '99 yellow one and have got the opportunity to buy an '08 Class. Similar sized machines I guess. Will output be greater the same or less? The 65 is a good combine but there comes a time when you've got to upgrade a little. Only cutting about 300 acres a year but with these...
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    Bps application.

    Last here!! Now that greening is no longer required do I have to remove all my hedges & buffer strips from my land use sheet or can they stay on there?
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    Pre formed concrete panels.

    Got a bridge 12m long and 5 m wide made up of 2 rows of wooden sleepers lay across 3 large carrying girders (1 in the middle and 1 on each side) . Been there 30 odd years and the sleepers are starting to rot now so it needs a major repair. There are 90 sleepers in total. To replace them all...
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    Row crops

    Looking for a set of used but decent 12.4 row crops for TM 140 / T6 / case MX.
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    Partnership agreement

    Need to add the wife to the existing agreement I share with my parents. Accountant has basically said add wife , write a bit about the partnership continuing in the event of a death, and profits are shared as agreed by the partners each year. Maybe a couple extra bits about me having overall...
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    Knerveland plough

    Looking at a used ES 85 200 5 furrow plough. Are they any good/ reliable/ prone to cracking? I don't really understand all the model numbers ES, LD,LB, etc. I do know that it's a 200 hp headstock and I wonder if it will be strong enough. Our old plough is a 240 and has been welded.
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    Concrete cattle mangers

    Got concrete cattle mangers that have the surface worn and have gone a bit rough. I'm going to try and smooth them with something. What's the best material to use? Render, self levelling concrete, paint a thick resin type solution? Obvious whatever I use needs to be non toxic to livestock.
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    Winter beans post em herbicide

    Beans have beaten my pre em spray. I'm mad with myself. Drill guy told me they were in 6 or 7 inches. Turns out it's nearer 3. Went to have a look today with a view to spraying tomorrow and there's 40 -50 % emerged. Gonna drop the kerb but I'm tempted to go with the clomazone. Agronomist seems...
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    Electricity prices

    What's everyone paying? Who's the cheapest in West Midlands? Not due for renewal till next year but I've got every ruddy broker in the country and beyond ringing and trying to get me to sign a new contract. I use about 50 k units a year, on a single rate meter running cold stores mostly...
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    Potato haulm topper

    I'm looking to get upgrade my haulm topper. Only want a 2 row rear mounted machine. Thinking grimme or baiselier. Which does the best job or are they much the same? Any for sale?
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    R T rodent control

    Got the obligatory non conformance to sift through following recent inspection, one of them being an environmental risk assessment for rodent control. I can answer most of the questions but what is the official and correct method for disposing of rodent carcasses and spent bait? I assume my...
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    Value of fym

    I usually do several straw for muck deals with neighbours but they've always got more muck than I've got straw to swap. I'm thinking of buying some standing straw this year so I can swap it for extra muck. Not the best year to be buying I know. How much can I afford to pay to make it worthwhile...
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    Movement book records.

    I report all cattle movements births online. I then save a copy of the report to a file on my computer. Do I still have to write every individual animal movement in my movemnt book? Surely if I was inspected I can just log on to bcms to see the animal history?
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    Removing land parcel from Bps

    I transferred 2 fields off last autumn with Rle1 form in the same transaction. One field has gone but the other one is still on my bps form. There's no ' delete this parcel ' option like there used to be. Even in the land summary I can't remove fields. How do I get to of it?
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    Cross compliance

    I'm establishing some 6 m wide nectar mix plots long field margins for my mid tier agreement. Can I include the 2 m cross compliance strip in the nectar mix or do I have to leave it untouched and start after 2 m, thus giving me a 2 m plus 6 m nectar mix?
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    T6 180 re map.

    I've got a 2 yr old t6 180 which is just a bit underpowered to cope with the single row bedtiller. Was thinking of getting it remapped to give me another 10% hp. Will it stick the extra load? Am I mad? I know I'll be told to buy a bigger tractor but I like the t6 size. Its hand on the sprayer...
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    Unruly tenants

    The wife owns a terraced house in town that is let out to a polish couple. Their next door neighbour messages me occasionally to complain that they are parking in his space or they are being noisy. Hes a bit of a wet weekend to be honest and moans about everything. He called the police last...