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    Overseeding land poached by sheep

    Just taken ewes off land they have been on since december and its like a mud bath was thinking of overseeding as i want early silage i know the yield will be low. would the new grass if it takes effect preservation of silage as my experience of new reseeds and silage is poor.I have no doubt...
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    Tube cooler versus plate cooler

    Just had enough of my plate cooler blockages leaks was thinking of changingfor a tube cooler are they as efficent they seem to be maintenance free.
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    Milking cows for two years without calving

    Im strictly spring calving but this year i have 20 high yielding pure jersey cows and xs not in calf giving 15 to 20 litres .some are first calvers some 6th.Will they milk for two years i usually just cull but am abit short of replacement this year and keeping them would be a cheap alternative.
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    Head space feeding sheep tmr

    Planning on building shed for next winter to house ewes and am going to give them tmr would it work with only half amount of sheep being able to feed at one time or would they all need to be able to feed together.
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    Norwegian red cross british friesian

    Have just purchased a nice group of bulling heifers and am considering crossing with norwegian red fot there health benefits anyone any experience or would i be better staying pure
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    New zealand jersey

    Anyone any experience of these for block calving grazing cows.Never been brave enough to try as the ones ive seen were very small however ive grown disillusioned with american and dainish breeding there bred fir tmr and inbreeding seems to be a problem would these nz jerseys hold condition...
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    Heptavac p and trodax + cydectin

    Is it too much the one day or would i be better given the vaccine on different day
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    Efficency of ice builder

    Are these worth the bother or cost was thinking of installing one to run ice water through a second plate cooler to have milk entering tank about 4 degrees however ice after morning milking has to be rebuilt during day so only one milking would benefit from off peak i also was advised ice bank...
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    Plate cooler water source

    Currently have a plate cooler but dont use it due to sediment in main water source from spring have deep well water for plant washing but supply is very poor.Have been advised to buy an ice builder for plate cooler but cant see the bebefit as only one milking would be on off peak was thinkinking...
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    Wuffler swather silage

    Not a machinery person but was looking for something to ted and make rows in cow paddocks for bales seen these machines that can be offset to throw out to one side would it be possible to merge two rows i know a rake and tedder would be better but cant justify cost just want something to not be...
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    Hardiness of charmoise for outdoor lambing ewe lambs on texel mules

    Anyone any experience had beltex doing a great job small lambs hardy at birth and dont pull much out of the mother great quality lambs however its hard to keep those beltex rams alive.had tried charmoise before on suffolk cross ewe lambs they were hardy had a will to live but they just couldnt...
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    Texel x mule or lleyn x mule

    Have to get a couple of rams this year usually cross texel on mule to get replacements but was considering a lyen use charolais as terminal on these would the lyen cross be too prolific and what about lamb quality
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    Texel x mule or lyen x mule

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    Recipricol crossing holstein jersey

    Anyone useing just these two breeds for crossbreeding have a large number of first cross and a small number of 3/4 jersey.Reason for not using other breeds is both jersey and holstein are two great breeds both are also very good for type.Have tried most other breeds in small numbers.Dont want to...
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    Kiwi cross bulls

    Have alot of first cross jersey holstein excellent animal was going to start breeding these to kiwi cross say f12 j4 would there be much variation in calf size would a certain percentage be like useing a jersey bull or would i be better just using recipricol crossing iv tried a small number of...
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    Best cow for seasonal spring calving

    Have jerseys at minute pure great cows highly fertile great feet good but this time of year get very thin especially heifers and lose condition would need to be buffer fed.Have first cross jersey holstein superb cows only problem is where to go from here have started using swedish red to keep...