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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    I think we can all agree Boris is a nugget, I only voted for him to see if he could actually deliver all his guff. Guess what… he couldn’t
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    Countryfile tonight

    Yup more folk out if work once they get to robots for manual work what are we all going to do?
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    B maggots still !

    Fecking hate fly's
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    Has Covid lost it's mojo

    im classed as highly susceptible to covid or i was , the first month i was told to lock myself in a room and they would call to say when it was safe to come out ... i never did tho i did get a call 6 months later saying we hope you are still ok in your room you can go out for walks now.. i had a...
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    Vets /Doctors

    must admit i want to sing the NHS praises but i just cant, last time i rang the surgery i was greeted with a rather snooty woman insisting that i must leave a message on the other option and they would call back. good job my hand wasn't in a baler. been fairly pee'd off with them since then...
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    New telehandler time

    Good luck finding any ag handler for a fair price. i really dont know what ill replace mine with but for now ill just keep it going thank god its not that new so not many "electrics " to worry about ... all far to dear for what they are of great ive found a yellow one for 35k looks tidy only...
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    If you think it's bad here.....

    Sorry guys over in the uk im double jabbed and life is 100% normal, im clinically vulnerable so they tell me and i no longer wear a mask. i did receive a letter form the NHS last week that in very basic terms said sorry for all the isolation you had to go through - i didn't but many did - but...
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    Will you be looking to take part in the future SFI/ELMS scheme? - 21/09/21

    They are wayyyyyy out of cock in tearms of price per acre, anyways the waters getting short and the world is hungry and they can’t take the rain away … tho how they would love to. Unless the money is fair I’ll be paddling my own boat 🚤
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    Just been called a F*****g Welshman , for trying to buy a front linkage PTO kit!

    I would have been offended, I just would simply not do business and not recommend and leave it at that
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    Cabinet Merry go round

    It’s geneius, just keep moving your cabinet from position to position a d blame them for not getting the job done just needing more time then when it’s a cock up just reshuffle again :)
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    Do we need stricter gun laws?

    Most say you need a gun as a substitute for something else , but hey im not judging
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    Alarming aspirations from latest climate report...

    like like like !if we get rid of every animal producing carbon - except for pets ... ofcourse lol would it make a fff blind bit of difference ? i got off the farm today and went to my nearest city we are swamped in cars left right and centre we are swamped in roads and plastic to a degree i...
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    Brexit again.

    Brexit is a complete cock up only slightly cover up by covid . Simple
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    What do we think of Drax?

    My I tempt you with a cucumber sandwich mr bond
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    If you think it's bad here.....

    We wil all look back at covid and wonder just what the f**k we were thinking :)
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    Making an entrance.

    Whos gonna check ? anyone been checked for anything lately ? a friend of mine did apply tot he council when he was changing his farm entrance to an entrance for a business - cake shop and was charged a small fortune. another sawed a very very big tree down beside a very main 5 meters away ...
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    Post knockers…. Thoughts and opinions

    do you dial 999 before you setoff to the job ?
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    Post knockers…. Thoughts and opinions

    its unreal how inaccurate it seems !!!!
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    Post knockers…. Thoughts and opinions

    if i ever met he woman who invented than id slap them
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    Post knockers…. Thoughts and opinions

    still cant quite see how these work ?