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    Pneumatic Greaser

    on wheels, GWO, loads of power, has a few KG of grease left in the bottom. Selling as we got a battery greaser instead £80 collection Wigton Cumbria
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    Krone AM 243 mower bed

    in good condition, the rest of the mower is optional :D weighing up a swap into our 243 CV, I assume the CV and non conditioner beds are the same. Located at Wigton, Cumbria, can travel to collect as long as its not at either end of this island...
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    Reset service light on Case JX1100U

    Does anyone know how? It's had the service so I just need it reset, ideally not keep going back to the dealer! It has the same dash of most of the Case and NH, basic tractor without any enhancements like ground speed etc. I've tried holding the Home button on the keypad for a few seconds with...
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    Accord drill bout markers - new end hub assemblies?

    Hi, I have an Accord DL drill, new to me, and both bout marker discs have collapsed bearings. Is there anywhere I can just buy the hub assembly? Or what sized bearings, does anyone know? I could just buy two new disc assemblies, but that's £200 down just like that :(
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    Dirty water pump - recommendations?

    We are replacing our dirty water collection pit that takes the wash-out water from the milking parlour and tankhouse. This is currently a settling tank linked to a pit with a submersible pump that pumps the dirty water/effluent through into the slurry system about 15m away and total head height...
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    Case JX1100U spool problem

    So our 2007 JXU has an issue... one of the spools is very slow to operate. It's the billy basic spec 2 spool non-adjustable block, with one spool on detent/kickout, and both spools with a float positon. The spool with detent/kickout was working perfectly last year, however between then and now...
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    Krone AM series mower main gearbox

    As title... father bought a AM 243 CV mower conditioner last week, luck of the draw means the main gearbox is knackered. This is the gearbox that the CV joint at the bottom feeds into, and drives the mower bed. Anyone know of, or is breaking, one of these mowers?
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    Manitou 634 120 starting issue

    Hello, we have just bought this machine second hand, 2011 with 3.9k hours, it runs perfectly in every way APART from starting. It's a power shift with mercedes engine. Sometimes it cranks at full speed but doesnt catch for ages. Sometimes it barely cranks but catches quickly. We have all taken...
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    Wanted for sale or swap - Kuhn S4 spreading discs

    As title. Bought a new (to me) spreader this season - Axis 30.1 with S6 VXR discs. due to my ignorance I didnt realise they have a minimum spread width of 24m, which is way too wide to be practical on our small-ish dairy farm fields. I'm after a set of S4 discs, whether for sale, or if someone...