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    WANTED: Feed barley

    Hi all, I need about 4-5 artic loads of feed barley delivered between next week and end of July. Location is Wiltshire. I can organise the truck. Anyone got anything left in store? PM me if so. (Our supplier has helpfully informed me today that they cant find anything to meet our...
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    BPS 2021 - Temporary Grassland to Permanent Grassland and back again

    Hi All, Just doing my first BPS application (first for me, not the land parcels in question), and just want to check my understanding of the temporary grassland and permanent grassland rules. As I understand it: Temporary grassland can only exist for 5 consecutive years before it...
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    Filters - where do you get yours?

    Just priced up a (nearly) full set of filters for the Manitou from our local dealer. Was somewhat taken aback by the overall price of £420 +VAT, averaging over £50/filter. Is this really the price of things, or is it worth shopping around? If so, where do I start looking (@ACEngineering )...
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    Arno and Nomo Milling Machine for sale

    Hi All, I have an Arno and Nomo vertical mill for sale. I don't know a huge amount about it, but I reckon it's a model 0, with vertical milling attachment fitted ( Requires a three phase supply, and comes with a collection of tooling odds and sods (but...
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    Old mill - wossit worth?

    Hi all, We've had a big old mill cluttering the 'home' workshop for a decade or more, but have never got round to even wiring it in. Father has (rightly) decided it's got to go. Clearly we have neither the time, knowledge or inclination to use it any sense. Question is, would it be a crime to...
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    Yard gulley

    We're going to have party of our yard relaid, as it's broken up (prematurely). Part off the problem has been poor drainage. There's always been standing water on it. So what we need is a gulley to drain the water away. We've been told that a suitable fall for the gulley is 1 in 240 (inch in...
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    Free flow return needed on NH 60 series?

    Hi all, With all this water falling from the sky over recent months, we've developed quite the quagmire here. So much so, we've had to hook our pig feed trailer up to the 'big' tractor (NH 8260) for the first time ever. The little tractor (Ford 4000) just can't deal with the ruts. For those...
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    Situation Vacant Outdoor pig farm - Wiltshire

    Position filled
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    Organic dairy cake

    Hi all, Just out of interest, what's a rough cost for organic dairy cake? Typical 16% or 18% protein compound, maybe 13ME. (Asking for a friend. The person I'm asking for would be buying in 25kg bags, a tonne or two at a time, but let me know your prices even if bulk blown.) Thanks in...
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    Bedding outdoor sows

    I spent a fair amount of time today inefficiently taking 13 small quadrant bales (80*70), four at a time, out to the dry sows, while the rest of the team bedded up the farrowing section with the RTV and bale trailer. With all the trundling around, my mind started to wander... There must be a...
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    Concrete yard - spec and cost

    Hi all (but mainly @RWG Contracts (y)), We're looking at getting some concreting done over the next year or so and don't really know what we need any more. Things have moved on since it was last done (when we had 50 cows, the loader was on the 4000 and telehandlers were only something the big...
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    Farmplan can't export to Excel

    I'm trying to export a Farmplan Cash Manager Plus report to Excel. It throws the following errors: The first one comes up loads of times (presumably one for every row I'm trying to export); the second comes up once at the end (presumably when Farmplan tries to open the file in Excel). CSV...
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    Hand Engineering PUH for Ford 4000

    Hi all, Does anyone have any experience of pickup hitches for Ford 4000 tractors, made by Hand Engineering? Our 4000 is in daily use on the pig feed trailer, and the drawbar is reaching the end of its natural life (i.e...