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    Whats correct oil for Gearbox/ hyd on TL100A

    Going to change the oil in a new holland TL100A gearbox / Hydraulics What is the correct oil to put in it as the brakes run in it also I believe
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    Gearbox oil leval New holland TL100A

    Does anyone else have any problems reading the dipstick oil leval on these TLA tractors for the gearbox. Could it be possible to fit a sightglass to make it easier.
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    New holland TL100A front axle sweeking

    After using today are small tractor New holland TL100A has developed a bad sweeking noise coming from front axle as it rocks on center pivot I lifted her on the front weight carrier with the telehandler and the front axle is almost seized as far as wanting to rock on center bearing. It will rock...
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    How many kilo's of bullnuts do you feed to finish beef cattle

    On a finishing beef farm I'm wondering what many kilo's of bull nuts are others feeding to beef cattle or what would the said be for the daily average My cattle are approx 650kgs and currently giving 4 kilo's average across the herd.
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    Anyone know what this is on a bullock

    Seen this on under side of a bullock this evening just in front of back leg. Anyone know what it is
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    Suitable Antifreeze for new holland TL100A

    Can someone tell me which is the correct colour antifreeze to put in a new holland TL100A. Some colours can create corrosion rather than looking after your engine
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    How to kill Gorse (Whinns)

    Is there any thing to knapsack spray onto Whinns to kill them. I'm told cutting them and drilling the main root and them spraying works but what is the best spray to kill them. What method has anyone else tryed doing that works.
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    Which injection or dose for fluke &worms in cattle

    Just wondering what people are currently using to treat fluke & worms in bullocks after housing about 6 weeks in. Last year I used levafas diamond dose but pens were quite messy for a while afterwards. Interested in something different but still very affected to do the job
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    New holland TL100A PTO

    When not using the pto shaft is it ok to just have it off at the yellow push button on the cab pillar as it also has a brake function when here. Or is it better to put select lever into netural but this still allows the pto to spin slightly of it's own accord. What does anyone else do ??
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    New holland TL100A pto hook up

    We recently purchased a New holland TL100A When trying to attach the pto shaft of an implement to the tractor it always difficult to line splines up so it slides straight on I always have to start stop pto to get a position where it slides straight. Anyway around this ?
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    Slatted house accommodation / prices

    I'm thinking off leasing a shed for winter feeding of cattle and providing silage and my self doing the feeding. Has anyone any ideas what I need to charge For example bullocks 450kgs
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    Removel of kramer 312 kingpins

    Has anyone on here changed kingpins or put new bearings in a kramer 312 hub Have got the bottom cap off, kingpin seems to be traded so you can pull it out, anyone any ideas what the thread size is in the end of the pin.
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    Removing kramer 312 kingpins

    Just wondering has anyone removed kingpins from a kramer 312 4 wheel steer I'm having problems getting the large nut to move / loosen on the front axle I even tryed heating around it.
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    What removes battery acid stains from concrete

    Does anyone know what would remove battery acid stains from concrete
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    JCB PD70 AXLE / check brakes

    How does anyone know when the disks need changed on a JCB PD 70 axle . Is there any easy way of even checking them To see if there is anything left on the disk as all is internal
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    Winter feeding bullocks/ slotted accommodation lease

    Does anyone know what price you would need to charge per head per week for winter feeding bullocks 450kgs. Pit Silage included/ round bales
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    Which is best, lime dust or lime granules

    Wondering is there any difference between lime dust from a quarry or lime granules putting it onto grazing pasture Granules would seem better as its dust free at application time.
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    Paint blistering galvanized corrugated tin roof

    I've a wagon roof shed. ( old army shed) Problem is it's really old tin but in very good shape as current tin is thin etc Have painted this probably 4 times each time power hosing loose paint off but after couple years paint keeps blistering off in places. Would it be an idea to blast this roof...
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    How to kill Gorse (whinns)

    what's the best way to get rid of gorse (whinns) in a hedge row. seems to want to take the place over. can it be sprayed and killed or cut back and something painted on the remaining branches for it to rot away
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    Mf 35 4 cylinder timing (standard engine)

    Looking for a reply from someone who has actually timed one of these MF 35 4 cylinder tractors (standard engine) or has lots of experience of them. I have completely done up my standard engine top to bottom with new parts fitted skimmed block & head and also injector pump & injectors done up I...