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    Can increasing soil carbon also increase soil CO2 back into atmosphere?

    Finally decided to sit down and try and get my head around 'banking soil carbon' and the whole soil C sequestration thing. We are trying to increase soil organic matter (OM) levels for all the positive benefits that go with that - better soil structure, better drainage, better nutrient cycling...
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    Farming in Protected Landscapes Grant (FiPL)

    Has anyone looked at this at all? Looks like it is a bit of initial funding to get farm diversification ideas off the ground. Was wondering whether it could be used to get a milk processing plant installed for local sales etc - still thinking...... anyone got any thoughts ?
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    DEFRA 21/22 budget.....

    Spending Review settlement increases Defra budget for 2021/22 Today (25 November), the Chancellor made a statement to Parliament outlining the 2020 Spending Review. This settlement increases Defra's budgets by almost £1 billion, and will allow us to take forward some...
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    Strobilurins and N use efficiency.

    Found this really interesting: Strobilurin affected nitrogen use efficiency in Durum Wheat grown in Italy. Didn't realise strobs had a biostimulating effect directly on the plant.........
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    Private payments for Public Goods......

    Just been reading up on future farm support payments and it looks like government is keen for private investment in farm based environment schemes. Creating markets where private companies buy environmental goods eg. carbon sequestered, from farmers and land managers. I'm starting to think that...
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    Drilling mixed barley varieties.....

    Was wondering if anyone is choosing to mix barley varieties (or wheat) and drill the mix to avoid having a single variety monoculture? Was thinking this would be fine for feed barley and wheat to begin with.
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    Soil sampling cost?

    What are you paying for soil sampling at the moment? I'm really looking at the cost of basic soil sampling and subsequent analysis, so 25 cores taken and bagged up as one sample for analysis. Soil P, K & Mg indices and pH on lab report. Any help much appreciated, thanks.
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    PAS100 compost and soil sampling before first use.

    Just a question for those using PAS100 compost. I was trawling through the associated Compost Quality Protocol that goes with PAS100 paperwork and found the following guidance on initial soil sampling: " Soil analysis for PTEs should be carried out before the first application of compost and...
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    Levels of Subsidy in Farm Income - Graph from Farm Business Survey

    How do people think this will change in 5 years time? What predictions do you have?
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    Cover crops - great information here

    Just been watching on you tube some of the HGCA Agronomy Conference '16 speakers. Firstly it's been great to be able to watch these presentations without having to have gone there on the day. Secondly, here is the link to the 'Cover Crop' presentation given by Ron Stobart of NIAB who has been...
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    Anyone butchering beef and selling directly to local outlets?

    Anyone currently rearing beef and slaughtering/butchering and selling to local outlets? What are the rules and regs. that need to be dealt with etc? Seems like it's another ballgame to just selling live animals through the mart, but I'm keen to understand how it could be done. My location is...
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    Wheat variety and cooler, wetter growing seasons.

    Do plant breeders publish information on how resilient a given wheat (or other crop) variety is to climate? Can varieties be ranked on their ability to cope with cooler and wetter growing seasons?
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    GREENWASTE COMPOST available in Yorkshire. This is decent stuff, and can be seen at production site before delivery to farm. Service is supply and spread. Compost supplies approx. 80 kg/ha total Phosphate, 180 kg/ha total Potash, Sulphur, trace elements and approx. 8 tonnes/ha of ORGANIC...
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    Want to see what people have experienced out there on farm. Wanting to get away from the sales talk and get real farm observations. What mixes? When and how did you drill? What were your objectives? (Nutrient capture, reducing compaction increasing organic matter?) :)