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  1. Dave W

    David brown engine

    Customer looking for a David brown 4 cyl engine. Anything considered as long as it turns
  2. Dave W

    Bale wrapper cable

    Anybody got a rough price for the 32 core extension cable to be able to put a HS2000 behind a baler? And where from? Direct from mchale or David king?
  3. Dave W

    Case magnum 7230

    Can anyone confirm this is a trima pick up hitch hook. As fitted to a magnum 7230. Got a customer trying to find replacement hook but struggling to identify it
  4. Dave W

    Horse box value

    Been asked to sell this horse box for a friend. I know nothing about them. 2015 Bateson Deauville. Barely done 2 seasons work due to horse being lame and consequently retired. I've serviced it etc. It's a nice clean trailer. any idea of value?
  5. Dave W

    Nissan navara chassis

    What years did they sort the chassis issues out? Assume the newer ones don't have the problem?
  6. Dave W

    Stepped lower link mounting pins

    Struggling to source cat 1-2 stepped pins. All the usual sources don't stock them kramp bepco etc. Seems they might be unique to the machine manufacturer. Anyone know a source?
  7. Dave W

    Forschritt swather. Anyone got one?

    Similar to the one pictured. Trying to modify it to front mounted hydraulic drive. Just need some info on how the auger is mounted
  8. Dave W


    5-6ft rotavator wanted. ideally in working order with not worn out blades Around £400-500 thanks
  9. Dave W

    MF 875 loader

    Am I right in thinking the 875 is a smaller version of the 80? As fitted to the later 135 variants. Local man got a Massey 360 with knackered loader but no number on it. Looking for a replacement book
  10. Dave W

    MF 875 loader

    Ideally the boom only in tidy condition. anything considered though. picture for reference
  11. Dave W

    Bloody customers!

    Recently sold an atv flail to a valued Yorkie customer. The deal was very sharp and both parties happy. Machine even passed muster with his finance department and chief operator (wife). Today he's phoned saying machine no good. He's cut half off North Yorkshire and the belt has snapped. Yes...
  12. Dave W

    Empty/unused grease cartridges

    my parts supplier Is trying to source some new unused empty grease cartridges to fill with his own product. I'd be surprised if any cartridges are actually filled in this country so new ones may not even exist. he's an agent for Morris so that Avenue has been exhausted. Any ideas anyone?
  13. Dave W

    New truck. Going round in circles

    Got a nearly 6 year old dmax. Bought me and Been absolutely faultless. Never had a spanner on it. It's now done 140k miles of hard work (which I actually think has done it good, better than one that's not been worked anyway) so thinking it's time for a refresh. A year ago we bought an iveco...
  14. Dave W

    Modifying trailers

    Got asked a question today. Man wants to extend drawbar on trailer to run under a wood chipper so can take both behind tractor. Drawbar would be extended by around 6ft. This is extensive modification so all the information on the plate now means nothing. Let's assume the work is all done...
  15. Dave W

    Roll bar legalities

    Asking for a colleague. does a big ride on mower 40hp ish legally need a roll bar. I'm aware tractors over a certain hp (15 I think) require one. Just unsure about mowers specifically
  16. Dave W

    Bale wrapper bobbin

    Anyone got anything like this? Even off a different machine
  17. Dave W

    Starter motors

    What actually causes a starter to go lazy or slow? There's not a lot to them. Coil, magnets and brushes. Brushes are a consumable but what else wears?
  18. Dave W

    Heavy duty pto shaft

    New unused. Genuine bondioli pavesi. 21 spline 1-3/8 plain end 1-3/4 6 spline overload clutch 110cm closed overall length. would have be near £1000 new. £350+vat
  19. Dave W

    Loader spool valve block

    Was taken off a working loader but selling as untested. 2 cables in good order £250+vat
  20. Dave W

    JD Spares

    Got a job lot of spares and a lot of it no good to me. Afraid I've no idea what anything is. there's some side panels, cab glass, steps, link arm thing, stabiliser mounts and cab carpet. and just what everyone loves, open to offers👍👍 Also a brake drum. 14" internal by 2-1/2"