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  1. onesiedale

    Capital grants distort markets ?

    @Clive on the subject of evidence for buying grant aided stuff being hugely inflated in price by the grant. Just point Janet in the direction of railway sleepers! Pre grant £3.50-£4 now they are grant aided (but only in certain areas and schemes) price is nearer £8-£9.
  2. onesiedale

    Birmingham Clean Air Zone

    Just received a penalty notice for my van making a food delivery into Birmingham. As it happened over a month ago I'm due to pay £120. This is the first time I've ever heard of a CAZ. Tried applying for an exemption but online won't let me proceed. Telephone help is none existant. What other...
  3. onesiedale

    Who was the idiot......?

    .....that drove a tractor and 30' trailer from Stoke to Shrewsbury today and didn't pull in once to let traffic past. (That's over 30 miles on a single carriageway trunk road) All the good PR that so many in our industry do without any gratitude just gets dumped on the roadside when a pillock...
  4. onesiedale

    Philosophy and deep thinking

    Philosophy, funny word isn't it. When I was younger and more progressive n my conventional thinking, Philosophy was one of the last things on my mind. It was for airy fairy academics. Now I am wiser (and older) I read things and hear things that make me think a little deeper, and of course ask...
  5. onesiedale

    Repairing a sucked in tanker

    So,.not an all out disaster, more of an embarrassment that I would like to put right. Any tips pushing the top of my little milk tanker back out again. It was sucked in because started pumping out without opening the lid :banghead:
  6. onesiedale

    Maybe ploughing is the answer?

    :unsure: According to the Irish experts, 16" deep too!:eek:
  7. onesiedale

    Alpheton Garage Sudbury

    Anyone had dealings this firm. I'm looking to buy a van they have for sale and would just like to know that they are a reasonable firm to buy from....or not Trustworthy etc. Thanks
  8. onesiedale

    Best van to tow with.

    Looking for a tidy 2nd hand van (transit type) that can be used for our dairy business, but also needs to be reliable for towing our 1800 litre milk tanker. So really comfortable to tow 2½ tonnes. What am I best looking at?
  9. onesiedale

    Minimum price beef contracts

    Anyone out there considering them yet?
  10. onesiedale

    Ecosystem services

    Govt. Now announcing a new grant scheme encouraging financial services and investors onto the land. Can't quite see how land managers benefit other that taking the carbon credit penny. . . maybe :unsure: . Or am I missing something...
  11. onesiedale

    Real food packaging

    Food packaging has always been one of the biggest factors in the route to market for many products. The packaging industry is very influential in food product development. It will be interesting to see how this spat pans out -...
  12. onesiedale

    Rally against #weeatbalanced propaganda

    @AHDB News is there a plan for this afternoon?
  13. onesiedale

    "The best purchased farm inputs come coiled up"

    Couple of conversations on TFF last few days have had people thinking about farm inputs. Are the best inputs "coiled up" , "in a tin" , "home grown" , or should they just "fall from the sky" ? What's your best input? I think water pipe and electric fencing.
  14. onesiedale

    Food education at Groundswell 2021

    @martian Just listening to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on the radio and can't help but think that a 'food education' aspect would add an extra, but logical, dimension to Groundswell. Not only would it help promote healthy food and eating but also demonstrate to decision and policy makers (and...
  15. onesiedale

    'Nature' should be a verb not a noun

    I'll just stick this here rather than lose it in another thread. Just take 10 minutes out of your day to read and digest. You'll feel better for it
  16. onesiedale

    Reith lectures -Mark Carney

    Has Dr Mark Carney just signalled a new golden opportunity for land managers and possibly farmers) to manage corporations carbon off-setting? Or Has he just underpinned the financial value of land?
  17. onesiedale

    ELMS - can we influence it?

    ELMS is nearly upon us ,but none of us know exactly how it will hinder or benefit us (or the environment) either financially or practically. DEFRA don't know either. What messages and advice do we need to send out to the politicians, advisors, media and influencers to make sure that farming and...
  18. onesiedale

    Pallets; re-using

    Is there anyone out there who has a pallet collection service? We have a stock of pallets on the yard, perfectly good, many only used once. However delivery drivers wont take them back. Seems such a waste
  19. onesiedale

    Bristol to Ashbourne

    I've got a cold store to move from Bristol to Ashbourne. All dismantled ready to move, but it will need handballing on. (help available to load and unload) Ideally be moved in a curtainsider Angus 07855 234194
  20. onesiedale

    Cubicle fixings

    On a project at the moment and we've 8 cubicles left, but run out of fixings. These are the clamps that hold the cubicle to the front hanging rails Anyone got any spare, leftover after their project?