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  1. YorkshireAndrew

    Coldplays world tour.

    Publicity stunt springs to mind . 🙄
  2. YorkshireAndrew

    Kevs diary

    Kev & Pete took the executive jets to quote for a drainage job in the lower field when Kev suddenly remembered he’d left his sarnie box in the pickup so went back for it .
  3. YorkshireAndrew

    FW awards

    What a travesty , I demand a public inquiry .
  4. YorkshireAndrew

    The Farm Dog

    Here’s three of our pack , a mixed assortment of cross breed terriers .
  5. YorkshireAndrew

    Auger bucket

    @Dave W .
  6. YorkshireAndrew

    Your current weather.

    Sunny but cold this morning , forecast 20deg for tomorrow & Friday ! 😳
  7. YorkshireAndrew

    TFF app

    I use the Firefox app on my IPhone XR , easy to navigate round TFF once you get used to it .
  8. YorkshireAndrew

    grazing and stables

    We engaged High court enforcement officers to recover the debt , her car is in her mothers name (even though she’s in her 80s & doesn’t drive ! ) & not enough items of value in the house to cover the outstanding debt . We now have an invoice for £75 for the three visits they made & they’ve had...
  9. YorkshireAndrew

    grazing and stables

    We had one livery who abandoned her horse & stopped paying , we ended up in court with her & awarded the horse as part payment - several years later & we’re still waiting for the balance of the debt . 😒
  10. YorkshireAndrew

    grazing and stables

    We charge £35/wk for diy livery payable a month in advance plus a written contract stating one months notice from either side . It all depends on what facilities you offer as well as local competition .
  11. YorkshireAndrew

    Suzuki and Honda Atvs

    Are you wanting three or four wheeler atvs ?
  12. YorkshireAndrew

    Kevs diary

    I’ve sent out the rescue team for him .
  13. YorkshireAndrew

    Rent raise

    @Adeptandy , I’m on a TFA Zoom call tomorrow evening regarding rent reviews , I’ll post on here any useful thoughts which might arise from this .
  14. YorkshireAndrew

    what grinds your gears

    When the two fuel stations a mile or so away have no diesel whatsoever & I’m running on fumes but have three cans full of petrol at home. 😒
  15. YorkshireAndrew

    Whats the oldest thing you have found

    I found this piece of fossilised tree a few years ago whilst ploughing .
  16. YorkshireAndrew

    IBC water trough

    Many thanks @JP1 . 👍
  17. YorkshireAndrew

    IBC water trough

    We’re planning to connect a water trough to an ibc tank for a field this winter , would anyone have any photos of one they’ve done please ?
  18. YorkshireAndrew

    Thoughts on loosing BPS and replacing with ELMS?

    Come December there’ll be quite a few farming folks wishing they hadn’t voted to leave the EU when they receive their remittance advice from Defra .