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    Watercourse Depth

    We have noticed over the past decade that some of our watercourses have deepened considerably without any intervention from us. This can mean banks and hedges get undercut and collapse. We have installed small crude dams or weirs in places which has had some success in holding back silt...
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    Telehandler Size

    I’m not a fan of large machinery but the time has come to replace the manitou MLT626. With more wagons to load since the livestock went should we be moving up to 3.5 ton lift capacity? We load maybe 1000 tons a year. Not much compared to some but lorries like to be away quickly. I really liked...
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    Beet Topper Knife

    As title, looking for a beet topper knife to fit Standen Cyclone. 2 holes at LHS of knife which take M12 or 1/2", then it sweeps back to RHS . About a foot long, 2" wide tapering away to a point. Part worn would do. Different to trailed harvester knife as they have bolts at RHS but could...
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    Axial Flow Fans in Series

    Normally I run both axial flow fans to blow air through the 2 radial bins but this year I only have one third of a bin of seed beans to dry. I reduced the height of the internal column accordingly. So the back pressure is much greater with both fans running and they don’t sound “happy”, with...
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    A Better Bottom Sieve

    The bottom sieve on my old JD 1085 has never been that special and now it’s nearly worn out I was wondering if there are better aftermarket replacements. The problem with the old sieve is that by the time you have opened it up to cope with a reasonable flow it is no longer rows of holes but just...
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    DP 7 Plough Leg

    525 mm straight line from top to bottom hole. We think it’s DP7, not 100% sure. Collection Market Rasen area. £60 inc VAT. PM if interested. Thanks.
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    What’s so wrong with low protein milling wheat?

    Would anybody notice the difference? Mine failed at 11.48%. But would you notice it under your beans on toast????
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    Sediment in Sprayer Lines

    Despite meticulously washing out twice after every load my sprayer lines seem to be providing a constant supply of pinky white flakes of sediment which obviously block the nozzles. I think it came from gammy trel. As I have never had this problem before in my entire career and this is the first...
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    Selling Direct to Mills

    I have sold the odd sweep up load direct to local feed mills. It got me wondering how many farmers sell direct to the end customer and how many go through a merchant? I’d imagine some of the big players in this county could easily buy a feed mill and takeover the chain. Wonder if this will...
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    MF 135 Rear Wheels and Tyres

    Pair MF135 rear wheels and tyres. Light corrosion on metalwork but would do up nicely. Tyres 12.4/11-28 Goodyear, aged but usable. Plenty of tread. Off MF30 drill. £250 for the pair plus vat collected LN8 PM if interested.
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    Keeping Ear Tips out of the sample.

    I have closed the lower sieve a bit to keep wheat ear tips out and it’s done the job but we have to drive slower to avoid overloading the returns. Is there any other way round this problem? We now have the lower sieves at 7 or 8 mm, where we had them at 10mm before and twice the forward speed...
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    A Degree in Agriculture?

    What exactly do people gain from it? Farming is 90% hard graft and 20% inherited nowse innit? I “did” engineering and without that I’d be well n truly felled as an arable farmer, though my old man taught me more of that than uni. The agronomist specs the chemicals, I did PA1 and 2 and FACTS. I...
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    Manitou Mystery Item

    What is the purpose of this fitting? It screws into the end of the spool valve block ( lower end with washer round it screws in). There is an insertin the open end which rotates but doesn’t come out. All it seems to do is just leak a steady drip of oil out onto the floor. Should there be a cap...
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    Knife : how far in front of auger for OSR?

    If I was to permanently modify an old cheap secondhand bed, how far in front of the auger would the knife generally be for OSR and maybe beans? John Deere 800 series bed. Not using the bed for cereals. It is essential that it’s adjustable on the move or can it be left fixed?
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    Tools Stolen

    My workshop and sheds were turned over last weekend. We don’t have much of value laid around but they’d rifled through all the crap looking for something probably a quad bike and satellite kit, of which we have neither. The only significant loss was two teng torque wrenches gone. 1/2” and 3/8”...
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    Bearing ID and Supply.

    Does anybody know where I can obtain this bearing? It’s an SKF pressed steel flange type, 4 bolt, shaft diameter 45 mm, outer diameter of race 85 mm, hole centres 120mm across the diameter, overall flange outer diameter 150 mm. It’s on a straw chopper on a JD combine. Main Dealer can’t identify...
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    Wooden on floor dryer.

    I have an 80’ by 60’ shed with a perfectly flat smooth concrete floor. How much would it cost to put a wooden on floor dryer on it over 3 bays, that’s 75% of it with tunnel dividing it down the middle, including fan etc? Are wooden floors durable and what about mice and cleaning? Do loaders...
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    Complexity kills small businesses?

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. If all I did was grow one particular crop or concentrate on one particular enterprise then my life would be whole lot easier and most likely more profitable. I think this is what has changed re small mixed farming businesses. Whether it’s sheep...
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    Seedtime nor Harvest Shall not Fail?

    ….as it says in the Good Book. But with climate change bringing extremes, how far away are we from a failed harvest somewhere in the world of big enough proportions to severely impact global commodity supplies? Shouldn’t governments be building stocks like the old intervention stores?
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    Torqueing Bolts Up to Yield

    Fitting a new clutch to my tractor flywheel using M8 grade 10.9 bolts that came with the clutch. Manual recommends 70 nm which is about twice what I can find on the internet as a tightening torque. Seems a hell of a torque to me. 11 of the bolts went up to that torque and seem OK, just. 1 of...