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  1. Samcowman

    Stewardship wildlife offers

    Just a quick one. Currently completing the stewardship wildlife offers application. For the mixed farming offer does AB8 still need to be 1% if you are also using GS4?
  2. Samcowman

    Welsh beef calving interval

    Saw this and though it needed putting into the main forum so more could see it. With these figures it shows why there is no money in the job.
  3. Samcowman

    Planting Red Clover

    Planning ahead for next spring I am looking at putting 30 acres of red clover leys in for silaging o feed to finishing cattle. I have grown it before but only about 10 acres at most. So seeing if anyone’s has any knowledge they could pass on to make it more successful. 2 of the fields are...
  4. Samcowman

    Proving regenerative agriculture is working

    Doing a bit of homework for a course tonight and have come up a bit stumped with this question. How can you prove regenerative agriculture is actually working? My thoughts are production results along with soil analysis.
  5. Samcowman

    Oats Phacelia grazing cover crop

    After a bit of advise off of anyone with a bit more experience. Currently looking at options for some ground we have cut for rape which is next door to some grazing for our sucklers and could hopefully use the arable to grow a bit of autumn feed for the cows before it gets planted into wheat...
  6. Samcowman

    Adrenacaine for disbudding

    Just interested to see how much everyone else uses for disbudding. We use 2.5 ml per side on the Calves. Our neighbour uses 4 per side but thinks he might cut back this year because of the shortage.
  7. Samcowman

    Cow Weaning Efficiency 2018

    Some if you may remember me posting about this last year and I have mentioned it to a couple recently so here are this years results. Much the same as last year. Any questions about it just ask.
  8. Samcowman

    Direct Drilling post glyphosate

    Following a discussion tonight what’s everyone’s thoughts on how direct drilling if/when glyphosate is withdrawn. Long term thinking here as I was told there’s no point buying a direct drill because it won’t work without glyphosate!!!! @Clive am I right in remembering you are working on no...
  9. Samcowman

    Suckler Cow Efficiency

    So this year due to having a new set of weigh scales I have weighed all of our calves at weaning and though I would weigh all of the cows as well and work out the cows efficiency by using the calves 200 day weigh as a % of their weight. I have broken it down by calf breed, cow breed, cow age...
  10. Samcowman

    Cattle Weighing System

    Currently have a set of Trutest electronic weigh cells in our finishing shed for weighing the cattle. But we have a satellite shed which has a handling set up outside and I would like to be able to retrofit something to weigh the growing cattle. Ideally it would work with our trutest weigh head...
  11. Samcowman

    Cover crop

    Going to be putting 40 ac of cover crop in this Autumn for our greening. It will be drilled straight into wheat stubble after harvest and planted into maize next spring. I was thinking of having vetch oats and oil radish as they all come under the list you are allowed to plant. Has anyone used...
  12. Samcowman

    Approved finishing unit??

    I am currently looking into setting up an AFU. Have read through all the stuff on the animal health website and it wouldn't take much to make our shed suitable for their requirements. About half the cattle going in there would be our own which are currently clear but the others could be bought...
  13. Samcowman

    Interesting reading about Angus Australia These 2 reports from the Australia Angus progeny test don't make very good reading for our supposedly...
  14. Samcowman

    BVD what do you do?

    We have bought BVD into the herd in the last couple of years which we have found out after doing some bloods on a poorly bull then doing screening bloods on a number of homebred young cows. Vet has advised tissue tagging all calves at birth and then vaccinating all cows before they go to the...
  15. Samcowman

    Situation Vacant Sprayer Operator

    A full time position has become available for an experienced sprayer operator in our busy and diverse agricultural contracting business. Applicants will require PA1, PA2 and be flexible with the hours which naturally come with the job. Applicant will be required to drive other machinery as per...
  16. Samcowman

    PGI meeting frome

    Did anyone go to the beef PGI meeting at Frome last night? What was said? I was going to go but couldn't as had to go on working late.
  17. Samcowman

    Cow beating up calves

    Had a cow calve earlier in the week and she beat up her calf whilst over mothering it, as in she was knocking it into the wall hard and whilst licking its navel she would knock it over hard. Got it sucking on her in the crush for a day and a half then it went downhill rapidly and I had to put it...
  18. Samcowman

    TB rules England

    Where is the best place to find out about TB rules or is it best to just ask here? I have done a quick google search and could only find press releases. Had an IR today on our 6 month test after have 2 clear 60 day tests. Pretty sure we have to have a whole herd test next but does she get taken...
  19. Samcowman

    Wanted. Cows with calves

    I know there is a wanted section but I thought there would be more chance of the right people seeing it here. Could do with some cows with young calves at foot preferably continental cows but anything considered. Need to be within an hours tractor drive of Trowbridge Wiltshire
  20. Samcowman

    Replacing beans in ration

    Our beans have made human consumption this year so are too valuable to mill up and feed to cattle. So do we buy in some more beans to feed to the finishers alongside barley maize and grass silage. Or is there something else which may well do the job which anyone else uses? Waiting for rep to get...