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    Butchery service ( a thank you)

    Where are you going to be based?
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    The coming famine

    Trouble is, the dollar in many people's hands in the west is often being handed to them by the state or even worse the banks
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    Give him the choice of a caravan or a house boat. See which he chooses and ask him why! 🤣
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    Exactly! And there will be much more done by these NGO's in a drive to get trees planted to save the planet. The individuals, I'm sure, are well meaning. It's the system that needs challenging. Only when the system is shown to be failing will the people within it see the error of their ways.
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    Imagine the uproar and potential prosecution if a 400 year old (fully functional) building had been pulled down to extend a car park. Even a tree for that matter! There should be a serious attempt, by those whose land could be affected, to bring this case to court and highlight the damage that...
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    Open lies about dairy farming

    Errr this just shows how social media can influence the truth; 2000 gallons per pound of almonds; = 2000 x 4.546kg = 9092 litres per pound = 1 pound x 2.2 = 1 kg Therefore 9092 x 2.2 = 20,000 kg Therefore 20 tonnes of water to produce 1 pond almonds. Sill a huge number but different to...
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    Open lies about dairy farming

    Something that is massively overlooked is the fact that livestock production systems (especially in a uk context) are part of an ecosystem cycle. Water, carbon, methane. @jerseycowsman your cows and your products are part of that cycle!
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    Carbon Credits what value ?

    ...but you must still use carbon credits to produce your milk. Otherwise you run the risk of letting all your Carbon go to town and find yourself with none left for your own production.
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    Carbon Credits what value ?

    Great, but that £60k can only be found by selling your milk for 6ppl more....and you're still no better off because that's the value of your carbon sink even if you don't sell the milk! Put simply, your CoP will rise by 6p automatically
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    Carbon Credits what value ?

    ^^ According to DairyUK a litre of milk is 1.25kg of carbon. Does this mean for MY farm to be carbon neutral I could buy carbon credits? Currently the price is around £50/tonne. This is equivalent to 6ppl. Great. Of course I could account for it on my own grassland .... Unless of course I've...
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    Carbon Neutral Milk

    Meanwhile, The Grocer magazine's September supplement is all about mitigating dairy's impact on the planet. Whilst it is sad to read all of the advertising in there for plant based milk and even more annoying to read the badly informed PR/journalism and editorials, the fact is, this is what...
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    Batt latches and gate lifters - who's using

    Pablo. Good that you've joined the discussion. Had a look at your website and cant help wondering if the price of your gear has got lost in translation. Please tell me there's some exta 00's on the end!
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    LIVE - DEFRA SFI Janet Hughes “ask me anything” 19:00-20:00 20th September (Today)

    Given that permanent pasture achieves all of main aims of ELMS, ( biodiversity, carbon sequestration, public goods, and food production) do you think a much higher valuation for payments than you have suggested so far would attract more land managers to retain permanent pasture, and therefore...
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    An old fullwood h/c milk pump with adaptor bend (2"- 1½") and a 1" outlet, and food grade flexi pipe. Ideal for transferring milk between tanks.
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    Meat accounts for nearly 60% of all greenhouses gases from food production, study finds

    Nothing wrong with that post being on TFF. Hopefully it will motivate farmers and industry representatives to get out and spread the counter-message (truth) and directly contact the Guardian, and others, presenting the facts in a readable article that they may be happy to publish. It's no use...
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    4 day week

    Of course one downside to giving people a 4 day week is that they will simply go out and get a second job because they have so much spare time on their hands. A bit like all those furloughed workers who got paid 80% salary this last year then went out driving for Amazon. The unintended...
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    4 day week

    iirc this is called "Parkinson's law" Making the work in hand fit the time available
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    Running out of time

    Last summer I bumped into a fella who was clearly from Africa. We got talking, he showed an interest with knowledge about our dairy herd and processing. Turns out he was a recent exile from Zimbabwe. ( white farmer had to run and quickly leave everything behind) We got talking about Savory as...
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    DEFRA SFI Question time with Janet Hughes - 11th August, submit your questions please

    Quite ironic really, given that Janet's most used phrase was "we're listening"