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  1. ploughman1963

    Massey ferguson powerflow header parts

    As above, after some bits for a powerflow header: the haxagonal drive shaft that links the driven rollers and a 4' long drive roller. Contacting the obvious sources but tought it might be worth asking Thanks
  2. ploughman1963

    concrete panels load capacity

    Morning I want to put some concrete panels across a doorway to be able to pile grain against it. The doorway is 15' wide and I want to wall up 16' high. I am thinking 4 of 1.2m high by 16'/5m long panels. Was intending to use 150mm thick panels as in the rest of the store, but they are 20'...
  3. ploughman1963

    Best place to get a 10 stud rim for a 600/55r26.5 tyre

    As above Thanks
  4. ploughman1963

    Concrete panels/free standing concrete wall panels

    Has anyone got 4 of 5m (or larger) x 1.2m x 150mm thick concrete panels for sale? Also looking for free standing concrete wall divisions - preferably 4m high or higher
  5. ploughman1963

    Concrete panels / free standing concrete wall sections.

    Has anyone got 4 of 5m (or larger) x 1.2m x 150mm thick concrete panels for sale? Also looking for free standing concrete wall divisions - preferably 4m high or higher
  6. ploughman1963

    Poultry expert recommendation

    On behalf of a friend- looking for someone to talk to who could advise on the financial viability of 20 year old poultry sheds. Doesn’t need to be a consultant- probably happier with farmer/operator opinions. He just wants a quick chat with regards to how the industry has probably moved on in 20...
  7. ploughman1963

    Soakaway agreement

    A neighbour with whom we have a reasonable relationship has asked if they can dig a soakaway in our field adjacent to their property. The existing arrangement is a pipe that carries the issues from their current septic tank to a ditch through our land. Neighbour is installing a new septic tank...
  8. ploughman1963

    Massey 38 straw walker bearing

    I would like to change the centre bearing on the rear straw walker crank on our MF38. How does it come apart? Is the crank in two parts that meet in the bearing? Advice gratefully received. Thanks
  9. ploughman1963

    Deutz K430 fuel problem

    We have been having problems with the above machine - cranking over for 10 seconds or so until it starts, hot or cold. Dealer been to it and drained tank and changed filters but still the same. The following fault messages are coming up on the dash: "Engine fuel pressure signal not valid"...
  10. ploughman1963

    Grain store electrical fit out

    Advice please 100' x 50' grain store to put up - internal divisions by movable concrete panels, 16' high side walls, 2 roller shutter doors - pto powered drier outside at one end but probably look to convert to electric next couple of years. Recommendations/opinions for electrical fit out...
  11. ploughman1963

    Simba 2B discs - bearing hub

    Ive just picked myself up off the floor after asking the price of genuine bearing hub for our set of Simba 2B discs. Anyone breaking a set or know of cheaper alternatives please? TIA
  12. ploughman1963

    Hedgerow coppicing and Hedgerow gapping up

    With the above, say you have a 100m hedge that has widely spaced overstood stems such that laying isnt possible. These might be 4m apart, but still constitute a hedgerow (?). In submitting an application for a Hedgerow and Boundaries scheme, do you state the metreage of hedge to coppice as the...
  13. ploughman1963

    Seed identification

    Anyone identify these seeds please - friend asked as they found them in hay
  14. ploughman1963

    Capital grant/mid tier FG12 wooden gate

    Does anyone know if the FG12 item can be used to fund 'gates as a pair' - i.e. use two 12' gates to make a gateway of 24'. If allowed, would it only pay £390 for one gate of the pair or could you claim £780 for the pair of gates?
  15. ploughman1963

    Treating concrete panels as 'plant' for tax purposes

    I understood that concrete panels were deemed to be plant and machinery for tax purposes? Can anyone direct me towards something in writing to confirm this? Thanks
  16. ploughman1963

    Hedgerows and boundaries scheme - hedgelaying, capital works

    BN5 - hedgerow laying. Specifications: S4 - remove old fencing and wire. What do you understand this to refer to? I assume it means any old wire in the hedgerow as opposed to a serviceable fence alongside the hedge. If it does refer to a serviceable fence alongside the hedgerow - how far away...
  17. ploughman1963

    Planning problems

    I am advised that gaining planning permission for chicken and pig sheds in Shropshire is extremely challenging at present - Herefordshire and Powys are similarly difficult. I spoke to the well known planning consultant Ian Pick who deals with a lot of chicken and pig shed applications. It seems...
  18. ploughman1963

    Bog mats or temporary trackway

    On the search for something similar to what the sewage sludge companies use for taking their lorries on to fields to tip. I can find lots of interlocking small 'pads' and aluminium trackway on a roll (expensive and very nickable), but cant seem to find the large plastic boards that I have in...
  19. ploughman1963

    John Deere 4500 telehandler front axle problem

    Staff investigated a noise on the front right hand hub this morning and found the wide angle joint on the drive shaft has destroyed itself. In the process it has also irrepairably damaged the input shaft into the hub. We are removing the damaged wide angle oint which will mean we can still use...
  20. ploughman1963

    Can anyone identify this mole plough please?

    Just going to build up the point to keep going but wondered if I could get a replacement point