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    Hand care

    So now Autumn is here, how do you care for your hands? Applies to most farmers, I do field veg & as I get older they seem to get more chapped in winter. I may be doing it wrong but, Try to avoid washing hands, lots of neutragina hand cream when washed & always wear gloves. I still have nasty...
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    Fertiliser shortage in Brazil The Brazzilians seem to be in an even worse state than us with Urea production. This is turning into a proper biblical disaster, our government hardly noticed?
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    Going one way, I would think now that harvest is 99.9999% over. I suppose the power stations will be burning extra, farmers stock piling in case it is short next year. etc.
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    Vegetable packaging

    I normally buy secondhand french boxes or banana boxes. But unobtainable sadly. Who should I contact to buy 1,000 cardboard fold ups & 1,000 sprout nets. 20 years since I've needed to buy new boxes. North of England idealy.
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    Clements offering £30 per hour for field workers

    Looked up the Clements website & they are offering upto £30 per hour if piece rate can be acheived. As a small veg grower, I may as well plough mine in and apply. For the long term sucess of my business I shall harvest my own. We are having a decent year, but no way acheiving prices to be...
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    How do you weigh loads of produce

    A local weigh bridge has closed, always took it for granted £5 per weigh. I'm in an industrial area so a few about, but how do people manage out in the country.
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    Arthur Scargill

    Arthur campaigned for Boris Johnson in the last election & hated Corbyn Odd but true He has strong views on Brexit He also worked hard to make chaos, inflation & shortages in the 70's & 80's. Boris has also acheived this.
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    Rare baler for sale, left hand pick up reel

    Wilby's of Barnsley are having a farm sale & included is a very rare New Holland baler with the pick up reel on the left hand side rather than the right hand side. I would say early 80's model. Must be very rare.
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    Have you got your ticket for FIVE on the farm Major event at Barnsley this weekend. Lots of tv celebs to sign things & shake your hand. An insight into Yorkshire farm life. Rob & Dave, Jules Hudson, Amanda Owen, The Yorkshire vets, stars of All creatures great & small, Paw Patrol...
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    Who made these dumpers

    I travel along the Parkway daily at Sheffield The contractor has some smart looking dumpers, nine tonners at a guess with cabs, driver facing away from the load. Who produces these machines checked all the common makes & all their dumpers the driver faces the load.
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    Do growers still build new grain silos

    On floor grain seems very popular, but silos offer advantages such as safe from vermin & er um If you have silos how do you fill them, especially the large 250 ton plus ones. Certainly more popular in North America.
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    Workers wanting more than Managers

    Talking to a farm manager on large veg operation. Casual workers now wanting more than his wage. Good growing season but my veg is selling well, so perhaps true. How do they pick strawberries for 40p per punnet, which is what I paid yesterday.
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    What happened to Ken Morrison's farm

    Ken Morrison retired to farming & built a state of the art modern farm with Beef Shorthorn cattle, who is farming it now?
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    European floods

    Now Germany is hit along with neighbours. Its usually Spain that seems to get the worst floods alternating with desert type droughts. 65 people lost their lives, that is really bad. When we had the flooding that hit Sheffield, perhaps one or two deaths only. The countryside won't be reported...
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    Neil Oliver

    Neil Oliver the guy who used to present coast with the lovely Alice Roberts Always had him down as a leftie, university lecturor type. But they love him on GB news & fits right into their agenda. So is Neil Oliver a tart who says anything to be listened to or did the BBC employ people who are...
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    violent dog walker

    So what is the best way with these people. In the field earlier loading some insect netting, noticed a guy running spaniels 150 metres from path from one end of field to the other. I stopped tractor asked him to keep dogs under close control, extremely threating & violent. I'm in dry stone...
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    What is a small 8 year old combine worth?

    Just out of interest, its not for sale. What would a New Holland 5030 combine with 13 foot header (and header trailer) be worth. Only done 120 acre a year, never washed (cleaned with compressor) only caught in odd shower, housed when not working (open fronted shed so some moisture from fogs in...
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    Sunshine Mineral Company

    I keep reading about DB buckets. Loads of sheep in the North West does anyone use Sunshine minerals?
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    Does anyone scratch for ORF

    First cases of ORF for 25 to 30 years. Such divided opinion, its so confusing. Vet & vet websites online all advocate scratching with vaccine. As preventertive not during an outbreak. Local farmers all swear by parafin or homemade remidies. Have to say I'm very suprised how quickly the ewes...
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    Growing top notch Marforna

    How do you grow top qualty Marforna potatoes? As the Man said, " Well I would not start here" Yes I should have had them planted earlier & should have got them treated with Rhino powder. But what else? we can sell them, but quite hard to grow prone to been hollow & the slugs love'em. I've...