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  1. Farmer Roy

    Harvest job in Australia

    Anyone looking for harvest work in Australia this year ? Give Tom a call, based west of Moree NSW Great bloke, once crashed an aeroplane into power lines trying to avoid driving home drunk from the Moree Races 🤣
  2. Farmer Roy

    No one ever forgets living through a mouse plague
  3. Farmer Roy

    Electric Fences & Goats

    Anyone any experience of keeping goats with electric fences ?
  4. Farmer Roy

    Tenant or landowner ?

    Hey As an Australian, it’s something that I’m not that familiar with & probably don’t have a good grasp on, but reading TFF it seems that a lot of farm businesses operate on leased / rented land ( owned by the Duke of Westminster, or the C of E or some other massive aristocratic landowner )...
  5. Farmer Roy

    Old Headers ( Combines ) in Australia 2020 harvest
  6. Farmer Roy

    Tony Abbott ( former Australian PM ) as a UK trade advisor ??😮

    Oh Boris, we are judged by the company we keep so you should read this. They neglected to include the bit about him supporting a convicted pedophile and his sashay into Honours where he demoted a Prince to a Knight. Nor is it explicit that he not only lost his PMship at the hands of his party...
  7. Farmer Roy

    Pest Control

    those that are on Facebook can watch this, just tap the screen below
  8. Farmer Roy

    Tom Brinkworth dies

    Tom Brinkworth made headlines in 2013 when he bought 18,000 cattle from the AA Company's Barkly Tablelands properties and trucked them to Longreach, enlisting boss drover Bill Little from Roma to walk them 2000 kilometres to Uardry, in the Riverina district of NSW...
  9. Farmer Roy

    Problems with Toyota Utes

  10. Farmer Roy

    This is the future

    @Clive you are about the only person I know here who might be interested in this . . . The rest of TFF seem to masturbate over any time spent in tractors, especially shîtty old Fords & Masseys . . . Personally, the less tractor hours the better
  11. Farmer Roy

    The Right to Repair, Software Issues & Tractor Manufacturers

    Is this an issue in the UK ? I know it is here & the US, not just with John Deere although I think there was a class action by some US farmers against them a few years ago
  12. Farmer Roy

    Every other industry thanks it’s customers
  13. Farmer Roy

    S/H Cordless Tools

    Looking at chasing down some second hand ( to save money ) cordless tools. Obviously will stick with one brand for compatibility etc In order of priority, main ones after would be a 1/2 “ rattle gun, drill, tec / impact driver, grinder Have narrowed down to Makita, Milwaukie, Dewalt & at the...
  14. Farmer Roy

    Weedit / Weedseeker / Spot Spraying technology

    hey, this stuff is getting huge over here, the concept has been played around with since the early WASP & various camera sprays in the late 80's / early 90's, but has only really taken off commercially in the last few years. Biggest bonus is the ability to massively reduce overall chemical use (...
  15. Farmer Roy

    Don't blame meat for the climate crisis, say European livestock farmers

    just one for all those who seem to hate the Guardian . . .
  16. Farmer Roy

    BBC World Service Promoting Regenerative Agriculture

    just as a foil to all the anti BBC posts here BBC World Service promoting regenerative agriculture, talking to Will Harris, discussing beef, animal husbandry & climate change...
  17. Farmer Roy

    Language / perception of agriculture ?

  18. Farmer Roy

    electric fencing for goats

    hi anyone have experience of temporary electric fencing for goats ? How many wires ? etc
  19. Farmer Roy

    2018: Year of Extreme Weather