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  1. Spencer

    Fendt Topcon RTK aerial

    Anyone have one spare for cab roof? Are they Agco specific? Just got radio modem and mobile base and have wires etc, but missing the aerial and is there a mount I need?
  2. Spencer

    Vaderstad Seedhawk

    Anyone looking at trading one in?
  3. Spencer

    Spring Wheat Results

    Not sure if this has been done but with a marked increase in the Spring Wheat area last year what were people’s experiences of different varieties and performance? There were some European varieties brought over as well I believe that aren’t on the rec list, anyone grow these and how did they...
  4. Spencer

    Sheep Wintering

    Sheep wintering available Cumbria Land available now or later Msg for details
  5. Spencer

    Mzuri Stubble Rake

    Rezult rake, anyone selling? Not crazy money..
  6. Spencer

    Idler Rollers

    Looking at some used track units and the idler rollers are in need of rubber. Any recommendations on who to do this and approximate cost involved?
  7. Spencer

    Varioguide Section control

    Been having an issue with losing gps signal on my isobus spreader. See picture This is intermittent. The spreader will load normally and I can switch the section control into automatic, but then after a few mintute the error msg above will appear and I have to use section control in manual...
  8. Spencer

    Drill tyres

    Got seriously peeed off last year with punctures on drill. Tyres are in reasonable condition apart from slight cuts from previous user, came off flint ground. They run with tubes which I’ve replaced several but still getting punctures. Tubes are £20 each, can get tubeless tyres for £52 each...
  9. Spencer

    Dutch on Mzuri

    Anyone fitted Dutch openers to their Mzuri? Our coulters are ready for replacement and just thinking about wether Dutch would fit? 5” single opener would be similar to MZuri coulters I believe., have the paired 5” at present but can block when scooping seed off the heap. Can anyone tell me...
  10. Spencer

    Grain store conveyers

    So looking at re gigging the store this spring and got thinking about trying to save time and looking at conveyors. As we’re in the north west everything goes through our farm fans dryer then dumped onto floor into a bay in adjacent shed, then moved with telehandler bucket. Dryer is in centre...
  11. Spencer

    Salisbury or Dorset to Cumbria

    Fert spreader from south to North. Anyone coming up next week?
  12. Spencer

    Concrete Costs

    Looking at converting a general storage building into a grain store this spring. Current floor is concrete, mostly in very good order but due to the building being used for fixed plant some years ago it’s at different levels. There’s also areas of rubble and hardcore. Shed is 40m by 18m just...
  13. Spencer

    Vaderstad 300 c

    Must be a c model, anyone trading?
  14. Spencer

    Free Standing Concrete Dividing Walls

    Looking at splitting up a shed for grain storage next year and just working on some costings. Looking at either 2.5 or 3m high type for loading on both sides. Anyone have a price or recommendations before I start ringing round?
  15. Spencer

    Lime or LimeX

    Two Artic loads of either to LA11 postcode. Proper ground limestone not road grit please, or LimeX if your coming up this way. Thanks
  16. Spencer

    Moore Allen, Wiltshire

    Anyone go today? What did combine make?
  17. Spencer

    Combine Transport

    Looking for a price and availability to move a combine end of next week? South west to North West, pm for details please. Many thanks S
  18. Spencer

    Kuhn SW4004

    New to us Kuhn. One of the wrap holders keeps letting go as the knife cuts.. any ideas anyone? All looks in order and same as the other which operates fine.., always the offside one ? :scratchhead:
  19. Spencer


    Quite Interesting
  20. Spencer

    Lexion Unloading Auger

    Can anyone tell me the respective diameters of their Lexion unloading auger tubes? Are 500’s, 600’s, 700’s all the same diameter? I would think the later top models are larger? Later style Tucano’s as well if anyone’s got one and a tape handy? I’m after a Lexion unloading auger spout for my...