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  1. michael N123

    Beet harvesting buckets

    Has anyone got one ? I’ve seen a few videos and do they work with sticky soil and the beet half underground or will it just snap the beets in half Any videos I’ve seen the soils a bit different to what I’ve got my beets well stuck in the ground
  2. michael N123

    No need for a trailer test anymore?

    Is this true or fake news
  3. michael N123

    Buying mower parts and tines online

    What’s the best website just got my mower out and remembered it swallowed a strainer :LOL: :LOL: and lost a heap of conditioner tines It’s a Fella mower so now be sold as Massey but I’d rather not pay dealer prices
  4. michael N123

    Diet feeder on floatations

    thinking of making big longish feeders and putting all the ewes onto a mix next winter.. probably just get a big bucket and do multiple trips with tractor and loader but has anyone modified a diet feeder so it floats better and doesn’t fall over :ROFLMAO: Havnt got one yet will be mixing with...
  5. michael N123

    Knock off makita tools

    Anyone bought any and have they lasted... seen loads about for sale and it’s tempting sold by the usual Bergen tool selling crowd so can haggle abit aswell
  6. michael N123

    5th gen Valtras

    Is there any big changes apart from fancey LED lights just watched some of a release video and it showed nothing really
  7. michael N123

    Roll over sheets

    Currently using a stupid old trailer cover that you have to climb up and into the trailer to roll it up and I’m sick of it now after 2 trips a week getting feed especially if it’s windy :rolleyes::rolleyes: has anyone made there own roll over type? Don’t fancey spending a fortune on a old...
  8. michael N123

    What’s this barn dried hay I keep seeing advertised

    Is it how is it made
  9. michael N123

    Lucky day competitions ect

    Are they real or a scam ? The tickets aren’t cheap but there is plenty interesting prizes does anyone no any winners
  10. michael N123

    Red diesel wagon

    Just seen this is it actually 100% legal or would you get pulled over all the time I
  11. michael N123

    Skidsteer tyres

    New skidsteer is on slightly narrower Galaxy branded tyres and this is what they look like after 180 hoursHow much longer should I expect before they go bang And what should I replace them with
  12. michael N123

    Homemade bale trailer out of old artic trailer

    Anyone made there own they appear to be quite cheap and I’ve a good mechanic friend who can cut it down fit Drawbar ect Been told that it might flex/twist more but can’t see it being to big a problem or is it?
  13. michael N123

    Dodge rolligon low ground pressure

    Anyone mounted a spreader to one :ROFLMAO:
  14. michael N123

    What make are these grubbers I’ve just bought

    There’s a broken spring and if the welding fails :ROFLMAO: I’ll need a spare there’s a little bit of blue paint and there quite heavy built
  15. michael N123

    Keeping skidsteer glass clean

    My new case skidsteer has the luxury off side and rear glass something the old Thomas did not have.. and it’s doing my head in! Washing it nearly every other day but dust and shite seems attracted to it Is there any fancey products that’ll help stop muck and dust sticking? I’m seriously...
  16. michael N123

    Round bale cubicle bedder chopper

    Is there much a thing as a hydraulically operated one? Wouldn’t mind one for the skidsteer if there is such a thing
  17. michael N123

    Silage auger feeder buckets

    Are they any good ? And would a 70hp skidsteer manage to power one? Never used one but the idea of one would be handy for a few narrow sheds we have as long as it’s not insanely slow
  18. michael N123

    Which gps

    Looking at getting a GPS don’t want anything to fancey just to use with 12m sprayer and fert spreader maybe even the mower to straighten things up what’s everyone recommend? Must be relatively simple to use ?
  19. michael N123

    George monibot... I was wrong about veganism
  20. michael N123

    Shogun sports

    Are the older 05-06 shaped models just a L200 with a different body? Have been thinking of a vitara as a rough truck then noticed one of these with 80k miles and not a scratch on it for 3k....