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  1. richard hammond

    Can No-till /Regen Agric survive without glyphosate? if not we are DOOMED!! I think it can..

    Just my thoughts!
  2. richard hammond

    The Public really do not know!!

    I have been involved with a lot of people out side of our industry over the last 12-18months, and I am amazed /horrified that most people out side our industry are really not aware we are regulated over our food production systems. Many have not heard of Red Tractor or other Assurance Schemes...
  3. richard hammond

    Bugger Chris has got married!!

    Congratulations to Chris F and the lovely Lucy, hope you have had a great day and have a great life together!!
  4. richard hammond

    Is there any skill in growing an economically viable crop of OSR?

    As the title asks, is there any skill in growing this awful waste of time trouble some crop?? Let me have your secrets!
  5. richard hammond

    How important is vernalisation??

    As the title says is this as important as we are told by the scientists? if so how does Australia and other hot climate countries grow W Wheat.?? or are ALL their varieties only Spring Wheat. If so we all ought to grow a small area of Spring Wheat to cover our backs for HSS as this situation may...
  6. richard hammond

    Why is this happening????

    I have today travelled from Spilsby to Cromer and I cannot believe how many fields of drilled cereal crops have had a pre-em applied in shocking conditions, the crops were obviously only just mauled in (and they look crap) who recd a crop which was likely to fail given the weather conditions to...
  7. richard hammond

    I like the new TFF layout!

    Well done to the team, as I am a tecky twit, I find this much better than before, also the mobile ap is much better,
  8. richard hammond

    What agronomists can say % of establishment methods

    I think this discussion should be Agronomist/ advisor led if they care that much about a sustainable system of food production. I will brave enough to say in rough figures a) 35% no till, b)35% strip till, c)30% high movement of soil, I feel its going the right way with my clients. What are...
  9. richard hammond

    What a waste of time and gross ammounts of money!!

    Well Teresa, you lost, thanks for trying , this has cost us all a bloody fortune, but the country said leave 900days ago so why have the Euro zone not helped us to leave if we are not important?? is it because we are IMPORTANT. Tell them to do 1 , and please lets leave with no deal, you will be...
  10. richard hammond

    Agronomist with a Drone?

    Is an agronomist with a drone a forward thinking chap or a lazy fella who thinks feet in fields is not the answer! your thought please would be appreciated! Is tech better than the experienced walker??
  11. richard hammond

    Can you help please!

    If OSR is cut at 30c is the moisture that a moisture meter reads what the actual crop moisture is, if the crop is cooled will the moisture reading rise?? are we not reading oil/moisture in OSR as actual water moisture?? sorry for being a bit thick.
  12. richard hammond

    Atlantis total failure, no sign on soft weeds!

    Has any body experienced total failure with Atlantis, I mean no sign of soft weed damage even on over laps, I believe even if weather was not right and every other variable I would atleast see something!! Having used Atlantis over many thousands of hectares since it hit the market I have never...
  13. richard hammond

    Please help as I am a simple agronomist!

    Being very serious and obviously my lack of knowledge , why when a very active fungicide which is systemic has been applied just prior to flag leaf emergence have I not got a flag leaf with no cover for disease ,does systemic not mean it moves around the plant, and we use to be told triazoles go...
  14. richard hammond

    Are we missing a trick?

    With regards to the possible ban on glyphosate I feel we are missing a trick, lets call it Roundup instead of glyphosate, the public and our leaders in government understand Roundup and know what Roundup is," its that great stuff we can buy from the garden centre and kills all the weeds, why do...
  15. richard hammond

    Agronomic Advise Received!

    Firstly this is not an Indi /Trade argument, or a self promotion post! I feel as an independent agronomist I give advise free of any commercial agenda, including being part of advise groups etc. Most farmers look to use an indi to save money, is this always right?? If it is on the price of...
  16. richard hammond

    Been at a meeting today!

    I have been at a meeting today where , the points we discussed were- How independent is your agronomic advise? (does your agronomist really care about your business) How are we as an industry going to get Joe public onboard? Who should be promoting the UK agric industry? NFU,CLA, or YOU!!(the...
  17. richard hammond

    Whos had mycotoxin tests done?

    sorry if I have missed question asked before! but who have got results from tested grain and whats it looking like, I think the results will local to me be low! after all the scare mongery earlier in the season, lets see..
  18. richard hammond

    From Cultivations to Harvest!!

    I am as guilty as anybody, but if we look back on advise given as wise words on the best thing to do to maximise production, and THEN we listen to how harvest is going for certain people and I wonder "were they wise words"? Your Thoughts please!
  19. richard hammond

    Did I see right this morning , France is having worst harvest since the second WW!

    If they are experiencing this as I am a go forward agronomist what have we gained in over 70years re actual agronomy, Sorry to bring it personal but my Dad who is 84years always said we have not gained an aweful lot over the years!! I may have read the headlines wrong! so I will apologise before...
  20. richard hammond

    Is it just me or,,,,,,

    I attended a Cross Compliance meeting the other day and heard from speakers representing a)The EA, b)The RPA, c)Natural England . The meeting was very useful until I thought about what I had heard,! I suddenly realised I had heard as "farmers" if we did this wrong or the other thing wrong we...