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    The new Range Rover…😍

    I think it’s fair to say the target audience of £150k cars already have several very nice houses
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    Shall we play a game?

    I’ve never thought it’s efficient to have loaders doing that many hours, we used to do it all with one but it ended up men were waiting for it all the time. If there were other jobs on like unloading fertiliser, loading grain, muck spreading or silage, the yard came to a standstill because there...
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    Which 100/110 hp loader tractor

    Even looking at just new, you could be looking anywhere from £40k to £120k. Depends what you want!
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    Grain trailer

    Seriously consider a new one
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    Accord DL drill instructions.

    I find the folding is a definite ‘knack’ Keep the drill low and it sort of swings up into place with a bit of momentum
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    Combination drill

    But on boys ground, they are ideal
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    Combination drill

    Andrew guest with 3 row coulter. We had one 2 years ago and have been very pleased. The drill is a much higher standard than I was expecting, it’s literally like new, you’d never know it’s a refurb.
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    Coldplays world tour.

    Say what you like about Coldplay, but having been among 70,000 others watching them live at Wembley to say he isn’t a showman is absolute nonsense. Looking forward to next Friday to get tickets to his next tour for the wife, kids and I. Whoever said he’s not a proper star becuase he isn’t dead...
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    Opinions on John Deere 6195M series.

    I think I’d disagree. Ever since they’ve been adblue they’re some great tractors. Reliability is far, far better than the 30 series ever was
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    Horsch joker alternative.

    Whats wrong with a joker with tg bar?
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    Kuhn Mouldboards

    I had a plough with LP66 boards and could not plough with them without them sticking terribly. Put up with it for 2 years then had to get rid of it for one with standard slats, not even the ‘wide tyre’ slats. The lp66 has a great big flat face on it and is very power hungry. It just used to...
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    Opinions on John Deere 6195M series.

    Correct, a high spec R is a very different tractor to an M.
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    Opinions on John Deere 6195M series.

    A 155m without guidance but with front and cab suspension, big seat, LED’s, 650’s was £30k less than a 155r autopower with guidance, 5 spools, front linkage and pto, 42” wheels.
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    Telehandler taxation class

    I’m almost certain JCB loadalls since around 2009 have been registered as tractors. It enabled them to legally tow 10t on the road
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    Best straight from stubble tilth seed bed maker?

    I think you’ll be struggling a bit for power for any sort of one pass cultivator.
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    Discovery sports

    Do you think Boris and Rishi are bothered though? The money will all come back into the economy
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    How to get a loaded trailer down a steep bank with Dyna VT

    I know that, I had one for 9 years. It wasn’t a user friendly tractor
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    How to get a loaded trailer down a steep bank with Dyna VT

    A tractor should never be so unintuitive you have to learn how to use it.
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    Slurry Guzzler and Which macerator is this please ?

    From memory, when I enquired about these a few years ago it was their own design of macerator which was specially made to cope with the very high volume from the slurry guzzler pump. I think you’ll just have to get used to driving quickly. I can’t imagine it’ll do anything much good trying to...
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    Discovery sports

    A good summary. Interesting someone mentioned an ingenium D sport being sluggish off the line. My defender with a straight 6 ingenium is very, very keen off the line. I haven’t driven a car like it for many years, my xc90 in particular was dreadful for it, very poor throttle response and a...