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  1. Spencer

    Sheep wintering

    Usually flail, well batwing, here on a frost in January any proud meadows. All gone by hay time 1st week of June.
  2. Spencer

    The coming famine

    In fairness if they set up an armada of u-boats to keep the boats of imported beans/nuts/palm oil/Chinese tat off our shores, im sure it would do wonders for our carbon virtue..
  3. Spencer

    The coming famine

    That was kind of the point of EU and CAP. To protect us from our own governments! They have the keys and are running a muck with not a care in the world for Agriculture.
  4. Spencer

    The coming famine

    Heaven help us all..
  5. Spencer

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Old saying that
  6. Spencer

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Ask yourself how likely the NFU are in succeeding..? at actually helping farmers..
  7. Spencer

    Dodgy beetle grain rejection

    Was going to say the same. Whats on hauliers ticket for previous load?
  8. Spencer

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    How much for 20.10.10?
  9. Spencer

    Fertiliser spreader tray testing

    Was only thinking today I need to make some trays this winter.
  10. Spencer

    Moore Farm Services Ltd.

    Bought a Baler that came from them and spoke to service about it. Very helpful and decent on phone 👍
  11. Spencer

    Combining grain maize

    Done just that in OZ. Was quite dry though... Fair play for having a crack at it .. (y)
  12. Spencer

    Government Policy towards net Zero

    In a nutshell imported obviously :rolleyes:
  13. Spencer

    Wheat into orbit

    So LOTS then..
  14. Spencer

    Richard Western SF14 HS

    Doing what? Just curious.
  15. Spencer

    Telehandler Size

    Hydrostatic is what you want
  16. Spencer

    What are YOU doing to mitigate against Climate Change?

    On the contrary.. You are producing healthy proteins from a carbon sequestering business, you can't get much more eco climate friendly than that. STOP APOLOGISING... agriculture is not the enemy as our blooming agricultural body keeps admitting! Not For Us aren't fit for purpose.
  17. Spencer

    lely cock pheasant

    I’m guessing he’s working on 200 years for one to corrode in the nettles :unsure:
  18. Spencer

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Yes, but they were sail ships. So was carbon neutral. :rolleyes:
  19. Spencer

    Ford ranger 2.2 engine siezed

    So from the jist of the thread... Buy a Hilux, yes?
  20. Spencer

    lely cock pheasant

    My old man used to have a saying for folk who liked hay time and little bales.... "They like it.., cause they've never bloody done any.."