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  1. EJS

    EICR certificate in AHA farmhouse

    Our landlord has asked that we provide these electrical checks and certificates as our tenancy says we have to keep ' electrical systems in good tenantable order'. However this is the landlords responsibility in residential rentals. Has anyone been asked to provide one as a tenant?
  2. EJS

    Live sheep import?

    Having foolishly got into a debate on Facebook I've been told we import sheep live from other countries to feed up and then slaughter as british lamb. I'm sure this isn't true but can't find any information - anyone know anything about this?
  3. EJS

    Red tractor Advert

    Wow - just seen an advert for Red Tractor on Channel 4
  4. EJS

    What killed this lamb?

    Found this lamb dead this morning- 3 sock lambs 12 weeks old in paddock near yard for creep feeding. Other 2 were terrified and wouldn't eat. It's still got stomach just no head or shoulders - completely gone from paddock.
  5. EJS

    Abdominal collapse?

    I have a ewe carrying triplets due in week or so according to colour, but she is very uncomfortable this morning and can't stand without help. She is eating well and once up walks around but looks like one half of her body has slumped down inside - if that makes sense. Her udder is all to one...
  6. EJS

    starter GPS advice

    Thinking about investing in a basic GPS system, only farming 300ac but do some spraying for neighbours - I know I should be able to stay parallel but I seem to drift, especially on hilly and awkward fields of which we have several. Just wondered which systems others started out with.
  7. EJS

    texel cross mule ewe lambs

    Anyone near Ashford kent - only need 30/40 will be going to market, but prefer to buy direct if possible please pm me thanks
  8. EJS

    AHA Succession

    I am hoping to be the third succession on an AHA tenancy but just a bit concerned about the income I need to earn from the farm to qualify. I believe that I need my main income to have come from the farm for 5 years, which it does, but my husband is a self-employed builder who earns more than...
  9. EJS

    Bale probe advice

    We currently have a protimeter with a bale probe attachment that we have calibrated every year yet seems to give odd readings. We have had our really dry hay which read between 8-10% moisture when baling now reads 20%, and our horse hay in the barn is reading 26% - it was made dry, does not...
  10. EJS

    Edgar winter wheat

    Has anyone any experience with this wheat, it sounds pretty good for our lighter soils, also hoping to control some of the blk grass with delayed drilling and increased competition. Can't find alot of references to it, will need to speak to buyers as well - not sure of how marketable it is.
  11. EJS

    Bad start

    Due to start lambing fri, had dead ewe this morning having delivered one fetid, deformed lamb, other still inside. Presume she died from sepsis, no symptoms at all last night. Hoping desperately that it is not the start of anything -not doing a pm unless we get another. No schmallenberg last...
  12. EJS

    Forage at lambing

    Do you give ad lib hay/haylage during and before lambing ? Is there a recommended kg per ewe forage requirement ? we have always same amount, ie 1 small bale per 10 ewes unless particularly poor quality, but this year girls seem to be finishing all hay very quickly - am happy to give ad lib just...
  13. EJS

    Ashford mkt