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  1. TrickyT

    70th Nationals going ahead

    Will travel up in the lorry and then leave it at the site. Will then get my chauffeur @MrNoo to run me about. 😎
  2. TrickyT

    70th Nationals going ahead

    Yes, The Wheatsheaf at Swinton.
  3. TrickyT

    Keeping parallel to your Neighbour

    A topic after my own heart! Have seen all of the tricks that are done as as @MrNoo mentioned the worst (or even best) one is to take an extra 'accidental' run which means you have only one run to straighten things out. I have only once not ploughed very straight in my early years, and it was...
  4. TrickyT

    Terrible time to buy or not?

    Project I am working on, we are hiring a couple of excavators through a a contractor. Have a 13T and 23T on site. Eye watering at the day rate for these things, but we will have no need for them if we purchased new once the project ends. The condition of the ones we had on site wasn't...
  5. TrickyT

    70th Nationals going ahead

    Raglan was stoney and yes, @MrNoo does like his travelling chef to cook him a good full English! We are not at the Welsh, clashes with the FFF&B match which is out local qualifier and supposed to be on some good soil this year which is quite rare for the FFF&B!
  6. TrickyT

    70th Nationals going ahead

    @Pennine Ploughing, the autopilot still works as it always wants to head back up north all the time. Yes, we met up a few times. Once at the Forest of Arden match where I think you had a turbo issue with the new truck? Then more recently at the the Welsh match overlooking Raglan Castle.
  7. TrickyT

    70th Nationals going ahead

    Treated myself to a single occupancy Executive Doulble Room with king size bed. :-) Hope @MrNoo doesn't snore that loud as I have experienced that pleasure before when he has been in his tent before! @Pennine Ploughing, last time I was anywhere that far north I was collecting a rather nice...
  8. TrickyT

    Getting in some practice.

    Yes, thought your font lawn needed some attention. :-)
  9. TrickyT

    Flail for the Fergi

    You also have to consider the speed limitations. You only really have 3 usable gears (1, 2 and 3) so you will have to match the required 540 pto speed to the forward motion. Having no high/low range like a 35/135 will limit the ability to match the speed. Is it a hammer or Y flail, as the...
  10. TrickyT

    Flail for the Fergi

    There is an art to using a flail mower with a Fergie. You have mentioned that you need an overrun clutch, which I believe is essential. But have you taken into account that you don't have 'live drive' on a Fergie? A fail mower needs quite a bit of power to get going, so you will need to get...
  11. TrickyT

    Quali's for 2022 National

    Qualifiers for 2022 go from the Autumn matches in 2021 and include the Spring matches in 2022, so there is the potential to have all of the qualifying matches in Spring 2022 which gives another 12 months. Then again, qualification had always been a bit weird. I qualified for the 2020...
  12. TrickyT

    Truck Insurance

    @Tonym they have phoned me back this afternoon and have said that that they cannot insure my lorry as I don't have a policy. Also taking out vintage tractor insurance would not class as an existing policy to enable me to get the lorry insurance. The did say that if I got car insurance with...
  13. TrickyT

    Truck Insurance

    I know this is an old thread, but thought I would try to see if I could get my truck insured. Unfortunately Alicia doesn't work there, but the lady I spoke had a quick word with the agent in the office and said that the vintage truck insurance was only available to existing policy holders. I...
  14. TrickyT

    Grey fergy with big loader

    The only loaders I know of for a Fergie are the 'Banana Loader' and Mil loader. As for the hydraulic arms being removed, this seems a bit strange as for the hydraulics to work the loader, they need to be 'locked off' just before the fully raised position with a T-bar. Sounds a bit 'Heath...
  15. TrickyT

    Land Wanted Gloucestershire

    If that is the land that you can see off the A40 on the right hand side as you head towards the A40/A417 roundabout with the existing 'travelers' already set up in the area, then I would defiantly be giving it a wide berth! Trevor
  16. TrickyT


    I can be done, but as mentioned, takes a lot of time and effort. I did my boards all with a flap disc, but if I was to do it again, I would either make sure the boards were decent before buying or do as @MrNoo suggests and get them shot blasted first. This is after I had done some work on the...
  17. TrickyT

    Battery charger

    You haven't said what voltages you are needing to charge? If its 24v then you need to look closely at what you get. I have a small NOCO 7200 which does 12/24v. But looking at getting something bigger as it only supplies 3.6a at 24V. I looked at the G26000 as this does 26a, but once again...
  18. TrickyT

    Working at heights

    There is plenty of information on the HSE website. Agriculture: Preventing falls ( Agriculture case studies - Falls from height ( Trevor
  19. TrickyT


    I have a Karcher K4 with a foam gun on the end. Using either foam or TFR in the gun. Whilst it cleans, it doesn't get everything off. Its suitable for my car and little Grey Fergie, but not much else. If you are looking at doing a tractor, or other farm machinery, I would personally look at...
  20. TrickyT

    Pitch adjustment

    Because you are a grumpy farmer? :-)