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  1. Henery

    Shaft Envy

    Saw this whopper at Billcar Engineering in Shrewsbury today, from a chipper running about 1000hp so the man said. …quite a contrast with the DB780 block I had dropped off with them 😂😂😂
  2. Henery

    Calor gas / Budget gas

    I’ve had a Budget Gas ( Telford ) account for many years. They were shut by Calor in May …. Now I can’t get anyone at calor on the phone to refill tank. Anyone having same problem? Is there another intact I’m missing ? Thanks
  3. Henery

    Tree shear on 8 tonne machine

    I have a lot of tree coppicing coming up in Mid Tier….. we have a Doosan solar 7.5. What is the realistic diameter of timber a machine like this will cope with ? Digger will be there anyway for fencing…… Haven’t used a shear so some experience would be welcome.
  4. Henery

    The sad di Did my HAAC middle year (1983 ) on a 60 cow dairy north of Madison. They were fretting about the future of family dairy’s then….. you can’t beat economics I suppose. I’ve...
  5. Henery

    A Kiwi farmers view of politicians ( fruity but correct language)

    NZ becoming “woke” central 🥵
  6. Henery

    Classics in Germany….. and not an MB Trac in sight

    As much as I love an MB at work… head may be turned 🥵
  7. Henery

    Thislex hard to find

    My usual bandit suppliers Hutchinsons are out of thislex, anyone know where there is some ??
  8. Henery

    FW Farmer of the year …. Sorted 😂😂

  9. Henery

    This is outrageous!

    Words fail me....grow up and get on with it....
  10. Henery

    Alex Belfield on farm retirement scheme

  11. Henery

    Looking for cover crops / winter sheep keep

    Anyone with cover crops that wants them grazed with sheep..... I would be interested. Distance not an issue if reasonable areas , can get 400 ewes on an artic. Plenty of electric fencing here. Stubble turnips / fodder crops same.... thanks.
  12. Henery

    Ag Tied cottage rent

    Is there an upper figure that can be charged for an Ag Tied cottage .... if playing by the rules ?
  13. Henery

    Mouse plague in Aus....... what a mess.

  14. Henery

    Anyone swapped a 3.2 Ranger fora biturbo 10 speed?

    At risk of starting a Pickup debate ...... as the title says, is the 2 litre 10 speed a step forward?
  15. Henery

    Bulk hauling Chinese style

    Quite incredible...... and here a driver can’t get out and sweep 😩
  16. Henery

    Fencing materials....... where to best buy

    Looking for 300 meter rolls high tensile netting, about 12 , anyone worth a try rather than the usual local suspects?
  17. Henery

    Whole fodder beet for cattle

    Never fed it whole, 400 kg ish store cattle on herbal key silage so loads clover. could feed out of Bateman two in one troughs so about 6 inches of ground. Always pulped beet in Keenan, which is getting on and don’t really want the cost of doing it. How likely is choking ? thanks.
  18. Henery

    Would the NFU support this I wonder 😂😂

  19. Henery

    Advice for a web site,

    My Son Charlie has some considerable challenges with Autism and associated learning difficulties, he’s 20. We are working with him at home with some other helpers, really nothing available from the county. He has a talent for art and metal craft....with lots of support. Hi FB page Charlie...
  20. Henery

    Anyone have a price to hire a 500 cc Honda quad by the week ?

    As the title says, anyone knows whay a 500 cc Honda would cost by the week ?