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    Borehole depth.

    Whats the deepest you can go with a borehole and still use a submersible pump . Thinking about the practicalities of swapping pumps when it fails.
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    Borehole water treatment for residential use

    Would be interested to hear what others have installed to treat borehole water without going through the expense of testing. My understanding is that ill need uv treatment and some reverse osmosis to do the job. Im looking at undersink treatment for each property.
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    a question for the potato experts

    My first lifted rocket have split and cracked . Can anyone explain why
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    Alternatives to maxicrop triple .

    Been using this for years on my strawbs and now my polytunnel pots. Just wondered if there was anything superior nowadays. What do you spud growers normally use?
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    Best way to fix a drain full of roots?

    Have a short drain that connects to a well. that has become slow running. had a jet washer through it both ways but still cant get the drain rods right through. Lots of ash roots stop me from getting the rods corkscrew attachment right through. Is there an easy way to clear roots or is it...
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    How deep should spuds be planted?

    I'm planting some earlies in some quite deep pots...about it possible to plant them too deep..or will they yield better ?
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    Drainage pipes under gateways. Who is responsible?

    Does anyone have a definitive answer. I have several gateways where the pipe is blocked. One is to a private house. the other two are to arable fields. If they need replacing or just cleaning whose job is is.? The local authority, the landlord of the fields in question or the tenant of the...
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    Another listed building question

    I recently bought my farmhouse that i and my dad had rented for the last 60 years. It was listed in 1984,this appears to have gone unnoticed by my landlord as my dad was never informed. Fortunately very little work has been done on it since it was listed. On reading the listing detail i noticed...
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    Fuel tanks. Metal or plastic?

    Whats the best ?im looking to replace a small tank in a residential situation. Bunded metal seems a lot cheaper than the equivalent plastic .Would it have the same life span? I suppose it depends on the thickness of the steel to some degree.? I have a metal tank housed in a shed installed in...
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    Hedge removal in a conservation area/village

    I'm looking to remove a small length of hedge, possibly 3 meters to give me access to park my car and truck on an orchard adjacent to my house. Can i do this without asking ?I understand that hedges cant have tpo,s It is my hedge and on my land . Although my tiny village lies within a...
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    Looking for some Jazzy potato seed

    Im looking for some jazzy potato seed to try out in my potato polytunnel .Testing for next year. Can anyone spare a few even if its just 20.Happy to collect if its not to far or pay for postage. Also some harlequin ...but they may be even harder to find. Thanks
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    Best product for lifting specific weight in oats.?

    Spring oat specific weight has been poor recently.Any thoughts on the best products either fungicide or nutrient to lift weights.
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    Any soft fruit growers out there?

    Cant seem to find any soft fruit forums. Just wondered if there are any strawb or rasp growers out there in enough numbers to be worth setting a forum group up for.?
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    More potato questions?

    Whats the ideal ph for spuds? would 5.5 be ok? Also how long will a new potato keep a fridge... before it loses its new pot texture and taste. Had some jerseys tonight and they were pretty average...even though I guess they must be new season.
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    PYO Question

    Just testing the water a 3 or 4 weeks time ill be thinking about opening up my small strawb area for pyo. Will I be allowed to do that under current restrictions? will I be facebook shamed for doing it? Curios to hear other peoples thoughts on it. Just to add I have a small seasonal...
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    Manitou teleporter stolen last night. Rutland/South lincs border

    Our Manitou was taken last night from a field quite close to the A1 next to the bloody oaks filling station and ok diner just north of Stamford. More details to follow. Keep an eye out for it please. I do fear an upsurge in criminality in these times.
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    Potato seed size

    Will seed size affect yield. My seed anya turned up yesterday and were more ping pong ball size than apple size. Would I better planting two where I would have normally planted one. Im growing them in pots btw.
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    Latest drilling date for winter oats.

    Can anyone confirm that they don't require vernalisation? Preferably with the experience of having drilled them in march! I appreciate spring oats will grow much faster but given the premium being paid for mascani now they might be worth sticking with.
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    Where can I get one of these ?

    Some type of solenoid that controls the fuel flow to the drier burners. 14 mm diameter I've been told
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    Birdscaring devices

    Attempting to keep blackbirds out of my polytunnels. Not large numbers but constant. Nets and gas guns have failed. Anyone used the bird yell?