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    First no-till drill

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    Main dealers fitters

    When buying a new machine I put back up fitters as the most important consideration, going all the way down to directors, who I couldn't give a sh1t about, because as I have experienced, they don't give one about the customer. I am talking large companies, not your small family firm, who I...
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    Chemical Price Tracker

    I called about it yesterday and it was £135 but you had to buy 10 packs, which was too much for my small acreage.
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    Pre em for expected wild oats.

    Over here in the west we've not had much call for Avadex until now as black grass is only just beginning to show, so no spreaders that I know of. Has anyone used the liquid equivalent ,Triallate , and rough cost per ha?
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    Pre em for expected wild oats.

    Never used to get wild oats , until I imported some fym from a neighbour, now get 2 or 3 flushes a year in the fields that had the muck. Autumn and spring.
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    Pre em for expected wild oats.

    We got a big second flush of wild oats in beans this year, and now into wheat ,I want the best control possible. Usually use liberator at .6l but if a sniff of pdm would be beneficial it can have it. Opinions welcome.
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    Combine reliability

    We get a contractor in ,but have often wondered if it would viable buying a 90is class 98 which has stood inside all its life and giving it a complete re fit. Can you ever rebuild them like new?
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    Stubble Turnips/ sheep wintering

    Flea beetle doesn't discriminate from a good farmer or a not so good.
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    Stubble Turnips/ sheep wintering

    Trouble with this is the risk to the landowner ,cost of seed, planting and some nitrogen to get them going. Not much profit at £50, then if flea beetle hits the crop and you end up with half a crop you can end up giving it away just to clear. If you want to give me £30 for stubble and you...
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    Farmdeals buying group.

    And as if by magic, flashing adverts over the page. So where does this leave farm market place?
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    Farmdeals buying group.

    I had an email from farmdeals inviting me to join their buying group which said ,is run in conjunction with the farming forum, but I have not seen anything about it on here. Is anyone a member?
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    Moisture tester clinic.

    I compare it with my local grain store, but that is not good enough for my farm assurance chap who wants a piece of paper.
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    Moisture tester clinic.

    Does anyone know if there is a moisture tester clinic at cereals this year?
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    Spring barley poor germination,

    I was thinking maybe that the last two horrendously wet winters may have washed nutrients out of the top sowing zone, which would only show up DD.🤷‍♂️
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    Spring barley poor germination,

    I am afraid to say I agree.
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    No till and cover crops in Scotland

    I have got a shakerator to run through before I plant wheat this Autumn. I know it is classed as a step backwards in the world of DD ,but when you are paying rent every acre has to earn.
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    Feed beans.

    Sold now, sorry.
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    Spring barley poor germination,

    Could be too early, we had frosts from planting to well after emergence. Only did it because it had dried out. Since the end of frosts it has had rain every day, some is flooded out .thank God the wheat and beans look good at the moment.
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    Kuhn 40.1 fert spinner

    The last time i used my spreader i noticed that the slider on one side was shutting slightly, so i had to keep pushing the leaver . Not investigated yet so not sure if its the ram or my tractor spool letting oil through.
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    DD an idiots guide please!

    Midlands Farmer, you are not alone. I have been DD for 6 years now, taking straw off and spreading muck on but the last two wet years over here in the west have been testing. This spring i have either had to cultivate wheel marks out , which i did not want to do, or drill deeper which sometimes...