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    Amorok ....strange problem..

    Just incase anyone else has this issue. I have a car mechanic who sometimes works in the farmyard... ...a friend of turned up with a 2 litre amorok that could not be switched off, by that I mean the ignition key could be turned to the "off" position and removed from the vehicle...........and...
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    Hedgecutter question

    I am running a spearhead hedgetrimmer at 540 rpm, just light trimming............ how hot should the oil get? It doesn't have a cooler fitted. AC
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    Power hacksaw

    Single phase, coolant pump fitted but never used. Old but working order. £125. Garstang, lancashire
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    New holland 7740 info

    Help needed. Does anyone in tff land have a wiring diagram that they would be willing to share. Acorn
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    7740 gremlins

    After solving a problem with the dip beam blowing its fuse, I have now noticed the fuel and temp gauge are not working . All fuses look intact............looking for inspiration. New Holland 7740 sle blue roof. Acorn.
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    Wifi calling

    I am reasonably good with computers and the like, considering that i was born in the sixtys but Is it the smart phone (Motorola one) that needs to be able to wifi call OR is it the operating system (android 10)? I am unable to find this option in settings..... Acorn
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    Viscous fan

    As title really, how do you test a viscous coupling on a tractor radiator fan? Tia acorn
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    M F 135 clutch

    Hi all. I am having issues setting the clutch tolerances on the dual plate type. Does anyone have a workshop manual showing these that they could share. Specifically the clutch with 12" and 10" plates, the height of the fingers. Ta. Acorn.
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    N H 7740 issue.

    I am having problems with a new to me 1996 New Holland 7740 (blue roof). When it arrived the roof mounted radio did not always work. Fitted new radio.........worked ok.... However it will cut out every now and again... I have lifted the access panel off the roof and can only get 3 volts from...
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    Night "Visitors"

    Garstang Lancashire. We have had visitors of the light fingered variety last night. Quad bike plus all my makita battery tools have been taken. After a rather anxious day the bike plus tools have been recovered @12 miles away on a housing estate near Lancaster. The police and CSI teams have...
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    Water supply

    Not sure where to post this. Two years ago we bought some land next door. I have now recieved a water bill for a supply I did not know existed. We do not require a water connection. Am I legally obliged to adopt this meter or can I insist it be removed? Tia acorn
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    Vat question

    Hi all, I am in annoyed with Plusnet who have just stopped showing the VAT element of the Phone/broadband bill. Granted this is a domestic account, changing to a business one will effectively double the cost!! Question is, Is it legal to not show the VAT amount on this bill or any domestic bill...
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    Fullwood fusion interface controller

    Is this of any use to anybody..,....... before the scrap pile beacons? Lancashire Garstang area.
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    Electric help

    I need a new "capacitor" for our cattle clippers. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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    Mag drill

    There was a thread on here a while ago about mag drills. I tried searching to no avail. Any recommendations for occasional farm use. AC
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    Water blister??

    What has caused this and how do I treat it
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    Pump (main hydraulic) for a Cat 432d

    I have the above item gathering dust in my workshop. It came off a new, at the time , machine so is almost new. If anyone is interested I will post pictures/numbers. Acorn.
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    Perpetual Motion-----TE20

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    Cars: Honda - Civic IMA

    Cars: Honda - Civic IMA Category: Cars Manufacturer: Honda Price: £3750 Condition: Used Description: Honda Civic IMA. My late father in laws car. owned since new 29/01/2010. mot 29/01/2018. Full honda main dealer service history. £10 road tax. Full leather, heated front seats. Auto. Petrol...
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    Rotary Hedgecutter header

    I have just found this on t'internet, Has anyone used one of these headers and are they any quicker or better than a flail? AC