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  1. Vader

    More beef bashing. How the hell is uk beef a big polluter..?
  2. Vader

    Sheep grazing south Yorkshire

    Is there any demand? Other threads suggest we should all grow stubble turnips and leys for sheep fir free fertility on arable land.. But I got 80acre of grass for gazing and struggling to get anyone on it. Might end up getting flail mower out ...
  3. Vader

    Time for the next step against RT/NFU?

    I have mentioned it before, but is it now time to start to up the pressure? Get the troops together under 1 banner so to speak. Under 3k will put a full page ad in farmers guardian. Presume similar in FW. Place an ad for farmers to join the new TFF Union. Use go fund me to raise the cash for...
  4. Vader

    Haven/Drax energy firm

    I have taken on a couple of grain stores. Seems the electric is supplied by Drax, was named Haven before. Contract ready to renew, anyone use them ?
  5. Vader

    Spaying blackthorn

    Got a lot of blackthorn spreading onto some rough grass . Topped it all, but think when regrows will want spraying off. Anyone know best spray to kill the blackthorn but leave the grass?
  6. Vader

    Best mouse trap.

    I taken on a grain store. Not been used for a few years, lot of mice in it. Any recommendations for trapping ? Poison seems to effect some not all. Dead ones about but plenty live ones So thought traps.
  7. Vader

    Grain store upgrade

    We got a grain store with lateral air ducts. Lot are getting ready to scrap now. Floor moved a bit and a couple of cracks. Air tunnel and fan still 100% So... Was thinking on floor drying. Will it just sit on the old floor ok? Can you buy the bits to to DIY ? Anyone know rough price per m2?
  8. Vader

    Solar farm cold calls.

    We had 3 different firms call in last week asking about some of our land for a solar farm. All wanting for us to sign a letter to let them apply for us. No cost, no obligation. Sounds dodgy. At least 1 of them been to another local farm. Never heard of the firms. Scams going about ??
  9. Vader

    MF 575 row crop wheel's

    Got an old pair with tyres on. Any use to anyone?
  10. Vader

    Astro turf

    Anyone use it for cow tracks? Might have chance to get some 3g pitch stuff. Heard some people use as tracks. But any feed back first.
  11. Vader

    In calf cow values

    We got some cows PD 3 month + in calf. What you think they worth to sell, as in what extra over meat price does the calf add ? Cows a mix of beef breeds, no dairy in them and to a limo or blonde bull.
  12. Vader

    First step in the fight back.

    There seems to be plenty of farmers sick of RT and NFU. So surely the first thing to do is form a farming group. Surely some on here we can trust to oversee the first steps? We just need a name and say a tenner joining fee. See how many we can get signed up. If we then got a good % of farmers...
  13. Vader

    Destroying immunity...?

    Just an idle thought. A farmer i knew was going to go high health status on herd. Started with jonas testing. 1/4 of the herd came back with high results and recommended culling. He culled most, but few of his best he did not and kept them isolated on a different farm. Had then tested year...
  14. Vader

    Amazone pin

    My amazone 1800 sprayer software glitches and it now thinks its a 900 sprayer... Anyone know the 4 number factory pin to get into factory settings.....??
  15. Vader

    Keep the faith

    Regarding RT and NFU... I know many think we screwed and nothing can be done. But everyone used to laugh at and ignore UKIP as a wasted vote. They kept plugging away and in the end forced torys into a referendum and we now out of the EU. All thanks to a small political party who believed in a...
  16. Vader

    Whats eating my maize??

    As each plant pushes through, something digging it out and eating it. Leaving maize skin behind. No foot prints.
  17. Vader

    Cows with calf at foot

    Got about a dozen beef cows with calf at foot to sell. Been running with bull, so should be in calf again. Blonde x cows with mix of limo and bb in the mix. TB4 Closed herd. South Yorkshire
  18. Vader

    Wheat for biofuels.

    With gov saying they want to increase it to 10% in fuel.... Does it need to be assured?? Can not see why it would but does it ???
  19. Vader


    What are they? Seen on red tractor form. Put in Google, nothing...
  20. Vader

    4g solar powered security camera

    As above. Anyone got 1 or know of? We getting stupid amount of fly tipping now. Want a camera to put off grid that sends video to a server. Solar powered so can mount high up and le ave .