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    Calf swallowed plastic teat.

    Ive been helping a calf on a bit,not getting enough milk from its mother.Tonight it pulled the teat off the bottle and swallowed it.Jammed my hand down it throat but the teat just slipped through my fingers.Anyone else had this happen,and whats the outcome.Calf is about 2 weeks old,and the teat...
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    Classic Tractor Prices.

    They seem to be going ever upwards.Just been to a sale today near Morpeth,Northumberland. Y reg TW 20 made £8500.Modified back end as had just been separated from a hedgecutter. Arms to refit. 2004 TM 130 made about £22,000 or thereabouts bought by Rodney Cowle(long way from home).Star of the...
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    Business Recovery Loan Scheme.

    An article on this on page 28 of this weeks Farmers Weekly. Due to start on April 6th. Does anyone know anything about it? @neilo It might be cheaper than a Nat West overdraft?
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    Trading Standards on Farm

    Are the Trading Standards allowed on farm at the moment to do cattle headcounts,eartags,and look at passports?
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    Earliest Sunset today.

    Thats right folks. From tomorrow,we get an extra few seconds of daylight in the late afternoon/evening. Roll on Spring.........wont be long before @slim shiny puts pictures up of drilling Spring barley.
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    Simon Nixon column in todays Times.

    Its worth reading.Covers Brexit trade,Eustace,Cummings,Boris,and where we are at. Could you put it up,@Hindsight ?
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    Alchemy Business Finance Ltd.

    Has anyone on the Forum used this finance?
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    Holiday Cottage Lets.

    Does anyone on the forum who lets holiday cottages know who the best letting agents are? Or who most people use? We have just had some guests from hell who have flooded the bathroom,left all the towels on the floor to try and mop it up.Moved the furniture around and then left a page of...
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    Covid-19 testing.

    Has anyone else on the forum been invited to do a voluntary test? Chosen at random,testing being done by home kit by Imperial College London and Ipsos MORI on behalf of DHSC. I think i will do mine.It just tells you if you have it or not,but no antibody test.I think they are trying to link up a...
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    500 Billion Euros.

    Nowhere near enough.Thats what im thinking.
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    Sir Philip Rutnam.

    Is he a snowflake? Or is Priti Patel just thick and stupid,or an evil witch?
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    E. T. Cummings now running the Country as Chancellor S. Javid resigns.
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    Another phone message scam.

    "£600 has been paid out of your account by card payment to a foreign country.Press 1 to ............." Has anyone else had one of these?
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    Next Female Prime minister.

    ..........Jo Swinson(y):)
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    Ford TW15

    Transmission oil pressure red light goes on at low revs,or rather does not go off.Filter has been changed.What is the problem? 1985,C reg, bubble cab model,4 wheel drive,5400 genuine hours.
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    Whats my Quad worth?

    Yamaha Grizzly Ultramatic 450,nearly 3 years old,10,000km.It needs the front brakes doing.Used every day.Either as a trade in against a new one,or on its own.
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    New Bridleway.

    I have been approached by a County Council footpath officer to create a new bridleway in one of my fields.It will connect an existing one, and go from a farm cottage up to a main public highway,and will be about 320 metres long.The cottage has no road or track going to it at the moment,but a...
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    Ford /New holland 7840 with MX loader.

    P reg Ford 7840 with MX loader/no attachments with 8000 hours,fairish condition.Whats it worth? Back tyres just 10%,fronts about 60% Electric 3rd service doesnt seem to have been used for a long time.Right hand drop arm seized/not been mirror missing,front lights bashed/one...
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    Met Office predicting very cold weather in 3 weeks time.

    Sudden stratospheric warming taking place over the Arctic,and Polar vortex becoming weaker.We are in for very cold easterlies in about 3 weeks time.Met office very confident this is going to happen.What do you think Simon Keeling?
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    JCB 526/55

    Overheated this afternoon,so parked her up and stopped.Cant see any leaks in hoses etc.Just took a jug full to replenish water.Standing still on tick over seemed to be fine.Had another go,moved about 100 yards and put round bale in feeder.Temp gauge soared,water seems to be coming out...