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  1. James

    MF front pto

    Front pto to suit 7618 tia
  2. James

    Claas liner problem

    Have the manual taps for individual rotor lift. Most of the time now if say I lift the right side first the left will then lift slightly leaving a bit of grass. Is the tap worn internally?
  3. James

    Massey parts from AGCO

    Need a accumulator for the front suspension on the 5713. On Friday the dealer said it would take a week maybe 2 for it to arrive. Surely they should be shipping parts quicker than that?!
  4. James

    Mf 7618 cab mounts

    Cab squeaks and bangs a lot now on the roads and at certain revs. Has anyone changed the mounts and has it made any difference?
  5. James

    Front mower conditioner

    Can any of them spread the grass the full width like rear mowers can? And which use a spool to raise and lower and which use the linkage? May seem daft questions :banghead: but total front mower novice here Tia
  6. James

    Grass seed settings for centreliner se

    As title Did some the other day and it was interesting to say the least
  7. James


    Anyone using this stuff
  8. James

    Quickie unigrip or flexigrip??

    Both soft hands type bale handler so what's the big difference? Who's got or used either?
  9. James

    Space heater for workshop

    Any recommendations or what to avoid?
  10. James

    Trailer brake adjustment

    Could do with adjusting the brakes on this trailer. 6 stud adr axles bit unsure of how to go about it. Any help would be great thanks.
  11. James

    Cattle clippers going blunt

    Clip the back and tails of the cattle here. Biggest issue is the clippers stop cutting cleanly after not too many. Some would have dung on there backs and the tails are pretty dirty. I've never been shown properly how to set clippers and not had much luck with any guides I've seen. Does anyone...
  12. James

    What small telehandler to lift 2ton max?

    As title and not new
  13. James

    Kuhn lc302 drill coulter conversion

    Have the above drill with Suffolk coulters which are ok in the spring or if the whole field is ploughed. This year with ploughing the middle first trash has built up on the coulters so thinking if it had discs it wouldn't have. Is there a company doing a conversion kit? Looked at Andrew guest's...
  14. James

    Kuhn lc302 drill sensor

    Looking at replacing one of the sensors on the drill but unsure how to release the old wires without breaking something. It's the top 3 in the picture. Any help gratefully received!
  15. James

    Claas liner 2800

    Been meaning to post this for a while. When opening the rake from transport to working sometimes the 2 rotors don't descend evenly. Doesn't seem to matter whether the oil is cold or hot either
  16. James

    Which filter removal tool ?

    As title used to have a chain one which was restricted in which filters it could get on and has now disappeared, hence the question :)
  17. James

    Wheel weights

    Anyone made their own from steel plate?
  18. James

    Smut/bunt in spring barley

    Have noticed that most of my spring barley fields have varying amounts of bunt developing. I understand this is seedborne and the seed dressing should have sorted it. All my seed was purchased from a merchant. It's planet and dressed with beret gold.
  19. James

    Most comfortable tractor?

    Currently running a mf 7618 with cab and front suspension. Not too bad a tractor on the whole but has gotten pretty uncomfortable esp on roads. What newer tractors are very comfortable say specced with the best seat that manufacturer has to offer. obviously I'm assuming that they all would have...
  20. James

    Kuhn i bio

    Are they a good baler? And could a MF 5713 realistically work with one even on fairly hilly ground?